14 October 2006



How good is your general knowledge or perhaps how good is your ability to search the web for answers? Try my exciting quiz. Answers to be posted to my secretary Mr G.W.Bush, Tosspot Ranch, Crawford, Texas, USA or left in the Comments section. The first visitor to provide ten correct answers will win a special mystery prize.
1. The main Irish Republican party is called Sinn Fein. What does "Sinn Fein" mean?
2. What was the name of the animated film that won Nick Park an oscar in 1995?
3. In the world of cartoons why is Nancy Cartwright well known?
4. Name the capital of Western Samoa.
5. In which year and in which city was the film star Russell Crowe born?
6. Who was the second President of the USA?
7. In a supermarket where would you see these famous old words – “Out of the strong came forth sweetness”?
8. Which English football team has the nickname The Spireites?
9. Where will you find the navicular bone?
10. On which Bob Dylan album will you find these two tracks – “I Threw It All Away” and “Country Pie”?


  1. Well done to Dawn, the Sheffield lass exiled to the icy wastelands of British Columbia. You scored a valiant 8 out of 10 - proving that England's comprehensive school system works - well almost cos you flopped on Qs 1 & 7!

  2. Even heartier congratulations to Mr S. Parrots of Rich Underbelly, Manchester who managed to score 9 1/2. I'm afraid I'm not entirely happy with your translation of "Sinn Fein" and no arguing mister!

  3. Mr Sparrot, further research leads me to the conclusion that some fluidity is allowed when seeking to pin down an exact meaning of "Sinn Fein". Upon reflection, I have somewhat reluctantly decided to award you a further half mark making you a 10 out of 10 contestant. Drrrrum rrrroll. Well done sir! Can anybody match this veritable boffin in our midst?

  4. I flopped on question 1 too??


  5. 1. The main Irish Republican party is called Sinn Fein. What does "Sinn Fein" mean?

    If I am to judge by my admittedly limited experience in San Francisco's Irish pubs (yes, we have a few) it means, "The vegetables are soggy." Soggy vegetables are a point of pride that unifies Scotland, England, and Ireland, much as adding bacon to everything (including ice cream) is a point of pride unifying such diverse parts of the American south as New Orleans, Memphis, and Greensboro.

    A similar slogan, "Honi soit," which was used by the Louisiana Confederates, means "The Red Snapper is burnt black but we can soak it in lard and sell it to stupid tourists at outrageous prices. Ha! Ha!"

    2. What was the name of the animated film that won Nick Park an Oscar in 1995?

    I am not familiar with Nick Park. Where is it?

    3. In the world of cartoons why is Nancy Cartwright well known?

    Her ex-husband, whom she divorced a few years ago in a nasty flurry of accusations and counter accusations, is a cartoon. In fact, if you read the gossip mags, Nancy Cartwright's, (some say unhealthy) attraction to 'Toons and other forms of animation has led to a great deal of unkind speculation, dating all the way back to her childhood role in THE BIRDS.

    The rest of the questions are just silly, except for the one about the navicular bone, which can be found in the navel.

  6. Dear Mr/Ms/Miss/Mrs/The Moy,
    Judging from your response to the quiz, I conclude that you are completely insane and I am sending an unmarked van to take you to the asylum near Seattle where Brad the Gorilla currently resides. Take care in the showers!
    Best Wishes,
    Mr Pudding

  7. The answer is B to every single question!

    I'm a fan of Nick Park. I love (je t'adore, not just je t'aime) claymation. If I had gone into film, I would have focused on stop-action animation.

  8. The only one I might even know is 2nd American prez.. and without looking -- it's John Adams.
    but the rest I don't have a clue.

  9. Well done Ms By-George-She-Hasn't-Got-It! That's 1 out of 10! I guess it's true what they say about folks from The South.

  10. 1) doesn't sinn fein mean 'us all by ourselves' or 'johnny no-mates' or something?
    7) tate'n'lyle golden syrup - a far better sandwich filling than poncey oeufs mayonnaise!
    10) i know all the words to 'i threw it all away' - will that do?

    no idea about the rest (unless i cheat)

    Prize - An annual pass to the
    Cruz 101 Club, Princess Street, Manchester.
    All you have to Mr Parrots is report to the chief doorman who is called Gabriel - usually dressed in leathers with a brass-studded codpiece - bit of a bodybuilder - and he'll take you round the back to sign in.


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