6 May 2007


LEFT: City manager Phil Brown spots a seagull during today's disappointing home game with Plymouth.
The last game of the season. Plymouth Argyle at one o' clock on a Sunday lunchtime. There were me and Shirley and our Ian and my friend Tony and his wife Fiona and 20,000 other Hull City fans and around three hundred bravehearts from Plymouth. When did they set off? Must have been five in the morning.

It was a damp squib of a match. Neither team had anything to play for. Our goalkeeper Boaz Myhill brilliantly saved a first half penalty but then they scored anyway just before half time. In the second half we realised that the ugly and balding linesman on our side of the pitch must have been born and bred in Plymouth and was clearly a lifelong supporter of the Argyle because his flag kept going up when Tigers forwards were clearly onside and bearing down on goal. Although Stuart Elliott hammered home a deserved consolation goal for City, we lost 2-1.

On three or four occasions during the match the chant went up from both Hull and Plymouth fans - "We all hate Leeds! We all hate Leeds! Scum! We all hate Leeds! We all hate Leeds!" Rather poetic don't you think - especially in the light of their blatant and cyncal abuse of Football Association rules in order to ensure they are not docked points next season. They were already down for Chrissake so why dock ten points just now? Typical of Leeds! Bad losers and cheats!
So that was the end of the 2006-2007 season. We survived! I saw some great games and some awful ones too. It is clear as crystal that we have to change our squad and bring in two or three significant players who can make a difference if we are to hold our own next season and move away from the relegation lottery zone. Apologies to any readers who are not remotely interested in English football and the struggles of Hull City AFC. I feel exactly the same way about astro physics and Orkney island knitting patterns!


  1. Are you kidding? Orkney Island knitting patterns are frought with conflict and tension, just like English football.

  2. For goodness sake, HC 'scraped' by by seven points! Get a grip. The County might have been playing you next season but for goal difference.

  3. Well done to Hull. Have to agree on the Leeds front - if they don't get docked the points next season, then that is major piss-taking! But, then again, we know that the FA and Football League are both run by idiots! Take, for example, their investigation into Millwall couple of seasons back after thicko Sun reporter misheard Brighton fans singing "Seagulls" for home fans singing "Seig Heil" - twat! At least we got cleared right enough.

  4. ALKELDA - Knitting needle point taken!
    Mr PARROTS - "The County"? Hey there only is ONE county and that is Yorkshire.
    REIDSKI - Then there's the famous wool manufacturers' chant "Mill wool! Mill wool!" As the poor millworkers scurry for their bobbins.

  5. I love those arran sweaters.... they make me look like a salty old seadog.

    As for astrophysics.... how can anyone disagree that absolute zero is cool?

    As for football.... well as a part time armchair terrier fan.... the less said the better!!



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