16 March 2008


I have been tugged by Jennyta from “Demob Happy Creature”:-
4 movies I'd watch again: Well, I tend to only watch a “movie” once – but if I was locked in a cinema and told I couldn’t leave until I had seen four films over again, I think I would pick “Woodstock”, “Schindler’s List”, “Once Upon a Time in America” and “Carry on Doctor”
4 places I've lived: ( I am starting to think I have accepted the same tag before!) Rotuma Island in Fiji, Novelty in Ohio USA, Leven in East Yorkshire, Stirling in Scotland..
4 TV shows I watch: “Eastenders” (definitely NOT glum or morbid as arsey reviewers who don’t watch it will often retort), “Sky Sports” (Is this a show?), “BBC News 24” (Is this a show?) “Road Wars” – I love this but how come TV stations can so easily access confidential traffic police video footage?
4 people I email: Brother Paul in Ireland, Daughter Frances in Birmingham, Mate Tony near Hull, Work colleagues (Are they people or cardboard cutouts?)
4 things I eat:Bread, potatoes, meat, vegetables (Exciting and unusual diet huh?)

4 places I'd rather be:I’d “rather” be? That implies I am not happy in the here and now which usually I am – anyway… let’s try upstairs in bed with the wife, at Wembley watching Hull City win the Championship play-off final, swimming in the warm summer seas of the Cyclades islands in Greece, having a beer with my old Yankee chum Chris on the decking of his house near to Canfield, Ohio watching fireflies in the bushes.
…So as you can see I have been well and truly tugged by Jennyta. I am not usually into tugging other bloggers but what the hell… I hereby tug Arctic Fox, Sam at Golden Hill, David in NZ and the delectable Alkelda in faraway Seattle where she is often sleepless.


  1. Hmm. I'm jealous - you've never referred to me as delectable, YP! But thanks for responding promptly to your 'tugging'.

  2. Ouch.... moisturise your hands before tugging me please... they're like sandpaper!!


  3. Thankyou for waking me do you know what time it is here ???

  4. DAVID - Sorry for tugging you so early in the morning. I know Kiwis don't like to be tugged upon waking. Is there an n missing from the last word?
    JENNYTA - The only reason I have not called you delectable is that I am afraid of Keith's wrath so I'll just call you nice instead.
    ARCTIC FOX - Okay I have some Swarfega on them now, so where are my nutcrackers?

  5. Tugging sounds a lot more fun than tagging!

    Loved your four places you'd rather be...well maybe not RATHER!

    The movie you were in an extra in was one that I'd have to admit I've seen more than once.

  6. Ahh, yes, drinking beers and watching the fireflies...a great summer evening in Ohio.
    I don't know what tugging is, but I hope it doesn't hurt.


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