15 June 2010


To the Goddess of Rhamnous

Manoeuvring muddy puddles
That mirrored the sky
Above Sandholme Lane
We threaded our way across ancient carrs
And came to our canal
Where moorhens hid their young
In rushes and whispering reeds
As legendary pike observed us
From their aqueous lairs.
Quietly, so quietly, untying sisal ropes
We launched paint peeling rowing boats
And slipped out across the narrow ocean...
The Royal Navy... "The Golden Hind"...
"Jason and the Argonauts".
Scooping green algae with our oars
And laughing at the afternoon
A pledge to stealth forgotten
We froze
When our nemesis appeared
Upon the bridge predictably
In flowered pinafore
With floured fingers
Hubris hunting Old Ma Fairlow
Keeper of canals and scourge of happy days
"You bloody lot again!"
Abandoning ship we scarpered for
Our hedgerow hidden bicycles
And pedalled home for tea.


  1. Every time I think I can write poetry I run across something like this....

  2. Robert - thanks for the back-handed compliment. I hope that the poem brought some pictures up from the well of your own memory. That would be the best compliment of all.

  3. When I was in my first year at grammar school, a long time ago, one of the books we read in our English lessons was one called Bevis and Mark
    which your poem just reminded me of. Being a bit of a tomboy, I longed to be able to build rafts etc as they did.

  4. Puddo doing Heaney doing Hughes!

    How very postmodern, someone told me.

    (doing = copying, imitating for academic and poetic effect/admiration- nowt sexual like)

    I like a lot...

  5. These days, Ma Fairlow would wear a hi-vis jacket and be waving health and safety asbos at you.

    Great poem though. Took me back to when summer days were long and hot and ripe for adventure.

  6. Elizabeth11:26 pm

    This is wonderful, YP. Time for me to put the cap back on the biro, I think.

    That's a cracking photograph, too...so evocative and timeless. x

  7. You're a wonderful poet Mr P. I'm envious.

    Wonderfully evocative.

    Let's have more.

  8. JENNY I'm so pleased my poem made electrical connections in your brain and took you back through the years.
    BANGKOK I know you studied creative writing so your endorsement has particular value for me.
    SPARROTS If I took you back to your jungle days as a young parrot then I'm pleased. What is a poem or a story without an audience?
    ELIZABETH Thank you but get the cap back off the biro and keep on writing. That story you sent me proved that you have genuine talent.
    STEVE From someone as similarly and as understandably cynical about so many things, I much appreciate your applause. Now - how about a fresh post on "Occupied Country"?

  9. Wow. Wonderful. I wish I could paint as well as you write, YP.

  10. KATHERINE You are so sweet. Thank you.


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