22 June 2010


I just connected with a blog out of Colorado, USA. It's called "Mountain Thyme" and it's forged by a feisty woman called Donna. Anyways, Donna came up with a meme that she presented in the form of an award so I felt obliged to tackle it. It was interesting to see how she introduced me -

Mr. Puddin' (I don't know what else to call him!) at Yorkshire Pudding because his is the newest blog that I am reading and this list definitely needs some testosterone! But, really folks, he writes about so many various things, whatever mood hits him on a particular day. Kinda' like I do on my blog. This and that...all over the place. Still, you can tell he is immersed in his family history (the" keeper of the keys", as the Native Americans call it) and is politically savvy and a prodigious reader and thinker.

I like the idea of being "politically savvy" and "all over the place" but mostly I like the idea of donating testosterone to blogs that are too sugary and spicy or threatening to become too "girly". Perhaps I should bottle it and sell it through ebay - "Genuine Yorkshire Pudding Testosterone"- guaranteed to kick ass!

Over to Madam Donna's meme award - hope you readers don't get too bored with my responses! Why not try it yourself if you are scratching your head to think up a new blogpost!

What is your favourite season of the year, and why? It's Autumn (The Fall) because it has a sense of melancholia about it. It's when my birthday is and Bonfire Night and it's as if Nature is packing up in a blaze of fruitfulness and colour and the earth smells so earthy.
What do you do on Sunday's and with whom? In the evening we always have a traditional English roast Sunday dinner with all the trimmings and I'm with my family - those who are here and those who have gone.
What was your favourite childhood story? Who read it to you or told it to you? Where? When? This is a hard one to answer. I will say "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" which I received as a school prize and read to myself when I was ten years old.
If you could be the president/king/queen/prime minister/chief of a new country, what would it be like? Name? Politics? Morality code? Flag? Work of citizens? Pleasure time? Etc. My name would be Comrade Yorkshire Pudding and I would be a communist in the purest sense of the word. Our national motto would be "All for one and one for all". Although there would only be small variations in people's incomes, the top wage earners would be those who produced food and those who cleaned hotel rooms. Bankers would be required to clean public lavatories in their spare time and all armed forces would be disbanded in favour of a white flag.
If you could invent an object that would make life easier or more sustainable or more organic for humankind, what would it be and how would it work? It would be a much improved TV remote control. You'd press a certain button to check the house temperature in various rooms and then cancel any heating being provided to unused rooms. You'd also be able to see graphs of recent water usage. A further button would be pressed if you saw any politicians or presenters talking bullshit. If ten thousand viewers pressed this button at the same time the target would then have to cease their bullshit and announce "I am sorry. I have been talking bullshit and now I'm going back home to e-educate myself. Thank you everybody!"
Do you associate yourself with the area in which you were born or the area where you now live? And if they are one in the same, how do you like those long roots? I was born in Yorkshire like my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents before me. I still live here. It means a lot to me as I am surrounded by so much natural beauty, so much ingenuity, so much goodness and so much earthy common sense. Yorkshire is of course the centre of the known universe.
As a child, what did you wish for....for yourself.....for your family? I really didn't wish for anything. I was too busy being a kid and enjoying my life - exploring, reading, playing football, laughing, building dens, climbing trees to find the best conkers, collecting fireworks. Why should I have wished for anything else?
What are you most passionate about? Always - travelling, seeing things firsthand. Currently - gardening, blogging and photography but that might change
What do you wish for your world during the next 10 years? Firstly - no starvation anywhere and no children dying from diarrhoea. An end to the ridiculous "war" in Afghanistan. No TV talent shows to be broadcast any more and on a micro-scale I wish that my two wonderful children avoid poverty and continue to live happily and healthily - perhaps marrying and producing children of their own.
Who is your best friend and why? A certain Mr A. Douglas. I have known him for many years. He's somebody I can feel wholly at ease with. There are connecting threads in our lives. I was the best man at his wedding. He's thoroughly Yorkshire too and he's also passionate about Hull City football club. He makes me laugh and he bakes nice bread and he's very kind but like me has a fiery streak in his nature so watch out suckers! We got oodles of testosterone!


  1. I don't know about all your earlier answers, but as for your last one, I'd say the late Richard Hollington (age 23, the three hundredth British soldier to die in Afghanistan, subject of your previous post) had more testosterone than you, me, and a certain Mr. A. Douglas put together (although I don't know A.D. personally, so can't really know for sure).

  2. RHYMIE I am tempted to make a witty response but have felt obliged to self-censor because young Richard Hollington isn't even in his grave yet.

  3. Elizabeth2:20 pm

    Gosh, I'd forgotten about collecting used fireworks! I loved the smell of them and stashed them under my bed for weeks.x


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