1 December 2010


Layers - view from our front room window this morning

No one can remember such a heavy snowfall so early in the winter. Nobody can remember snow quite as thick as this. On Radio Sheffield, a litany of school closures is read out, including one of the two secondary schools I have been visiting as a one-to-one tutor. Yesterday, I emailed the other school to say: "As I am not an eskimo with huskies and a sledge, I will not be with you today."

As she's a nurse, Shirley has gone out into the silent snowbound streets dressed like Scott of the Antarctic. I'm still in my designer dressing gown but after a shower and other intimate bathroom activities I will also be venturing out into the white wonderland. I need to feed my little feathered friends and I need to fight with other supermarket shoppers for the last tin of corned beef.

All my pictures were snapped from inside our house just after eight this morning. It's still snowing. This may be my last ever post before the whiteness engulfs me. It's hard to believe how lovely and snowfree it was just last Friday.
The back garden - see our table and chairs to the right.

The blue Shirleymobile. I cleared all the snow from it yesterday afternoon.

Over the hedge view down our exclusive suburban street


  1. I notice you haven't put the washing out yet, YP. Tut, tut!

  2. Oh WOW!!! It looks soooo lovely! I know it is annoying and messy but it is so pretty.Down here in Oz (or rather Queensland) we are having a very mild introduction to Summer and it's raining again ! Lovely.

  3. JENNY That's Shirley's job sweetie! Don't tell me Keith's one of those girly "new men"!
    HELSIE There are nice things about snows like this. The dead quietness of it all, the fact you can walk down the middle of the main road, the camaraderie of neighbours but I pity the birds. I cleared a big space in the middle of the lawn, put out seeds and bread, apples and a big bowl of steaming hot water but they are hiding somewhere.

  4. Gosh...we only have a light dusting of the stuff here...maybe more to come?

  5. We had escaped the worst of the snow, this being the more clement side of the Pennines, but it finally came overnight and is now several inches deep. Wish we were in Cape Town, sigh.

  6. But how will the Shirleymobile be able to navigate the streets when the snow is so deep? Don't tell me every street in Sheffield has been snowploughed already!

  7. LIBBY What we have got is certainly not a light dusting - more like the sky has fallen in. So those furry cossack boots should come in handy!
    SHOOTERS Clement side? Poppycock and balderdash! Check out meteorological history to find that Manurechester is considerably wetter than Sheffield Regis. Of course over here we could cope with another six feet of snow. Bring it on Godman!
    RHYMES WITH... The Shirleymobile is going nowhere sir! I sent her off to work with tennis racquets tied to her boots and she'd better rush back to make my evening meal or the Pudding will explode with bitter wrath.

  8. Where I live, it doesn't snow very often, or very much when it does. I enjoyed your photos, and am very thankful that I don't have to be out and about in the white stuff. I think it would be lovely if you had a nice pot of stew bubbling on the stove when Shirley gets home.

  9. bloody hell!!!
    I was due to come over to sheffield saturday afternoon!!!!

  10. Eau contraire Yorkie. From the Met Office website, average annual rainfall 1971 - 2000:

    Manchester: 806.6mm
    Sheffield: 824.7mm

  11. Yup, looks like my street and back garden too. You beat me with the snow on the windows though!

  12. PAT ARK Nice pot of stew bubbling on the stove? That will be impossible as I have important man things to do such as watching TV, blogging, buying a National Lottery ticket and searching for some old documents in our attic.
    JOHN GRAY You'll we welcome in Sheffield of course but may I suggest that you parachute in? Also bring some extra supplies as malnutrition is already setting in and there's bloodshed at the checkout tills.
    SHOOTING PARROTS Well that's not what my A level Geography teacher told me. I feel humiliated now so I guess you're happy! Boo hoo!
    ELIZA You can do little when it snows so heavily. Geddit?

  13. Shooting Parrots12:04 am

    Hee hee. "Eau contraire" though? Geddit?

  14. Don't tell me you're now believing the Met Office!!
    I'm with your original opinion YP, it rains all day every day in Manchester. A well-known fact :)


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