12 December 2010


As I write this, my blog is about to receive its 150,000th visitor! When I look back and remember my tentative first steps into this curious cyber-world, I am amazed that "Yorkshire Pudding" and I have come this far. Five and a half years have passed by. So many happenings. So many words and pictures. Regular visitors have come and gone while others have just dropped in occasionally and I know there have been a number of silent observers who choose never to leave a comment... but that's okay.

The hobby has led me to lots of other blogs - frequently in distant places. I've learnt a lot. There's been laughter, some fallings-out, some misunderstandings and some lasting bonds made. As a somewhat frustrated writer and amateur photographer, blogging has given me a platform I wouldn't have otherwise enjoyed. So dear reader, even if you weren't actually my 150,000th visitor, thanks for being a part of this blogging journey. Speech over. Blog on!


  1. Congratulations.....your blog is on my favourites list, and hopefully you will still find time to blog once you up sticks and set off on your adventure.

  2. Is it me? Is it me?
    Congratulations on staying the course and long may you continue, especially during your 'overseas posting'!

  3. LIBBY Thank you and yes, from time to time, I do plan to blog when I'm over in Thailand even though my days will be less free than they have been these last several months.
    JENNY Yes! It is you! You are officially my 150,000th visitor and a first edition Yorkshire Pudding Recipe Book will be your prize. The address again? Is it 12 Dafad Dip Lane, Wrexham WX13 1FU or 13?

  4. Does that make me 150,001? Well done and here's to the next five and a half years.

  5. Congrats, YP, that's a large number. Time for an oil change!

  6. Are you saying 150,000 "visits" or 150,000 separate and distinct individual "visitors"...because I myself have "visited" your blog probably three or four thousand times. So maybe your grand total is only 17,643.

    In case I am misinterpreting, my hearty congratulations to you, sir!

    P.S. - I can't help thinking you are really a little old lady librarian living in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, who is pulling the wool over our eyes.

  7. SHOOTIE No, you were the 150,123rd!
    SAM Thanks. It's not just an oil change I need, it's a whole new engine plus my on-board computer keeps crashing! I think its memory is failing. Now where was I?
    RHYMES Blackstone, Massachusetts actually. A million miles from Woonsocket. If you're ever up these ways, drop in to the public library to chew the fat with me. I'm the one with the steel-rimmed spectacles, my wiry grey hair tied back in a bun and I'm usually wearing what the English call a "twinset" and a string of freshwater pearls I inherited from my grandmother.
    Point taken about the visitors/visits distinction. Extrapolating mathematically, i guess that if the average visitor makes two hundred visits to each blog then I have actually had thirty million visits! Mind you - I never was too hot on numbers.

  8. Congratulations on more than one front. One hundred and fifty thousand visits!! Too many numbers for me to comprehend and the other front - teaching in Thailand. I will be looking forward to reading those posts from foreign parts which should be quite contrast to Yorkshire.
    Ms Soup

  9. YP recipe book - Hmm, thanks very much but I don't do much cooking, I'm afraid. Could I trade it in for a place in your luggage on your journey to Thailand?
    Rhymes, no he really is a man. (Not clever enough to be a little old lady librarian. ;))

  10. Yorkie, your self-description boggles the mind. All I could think of was "mother" from Psycho if Norman had dressed her for church (because I don't remember pearls in the movie).

  11. Congratulations! I'm glad to be one of your readers.


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