29 December 2010


Recently I gave permission for the "Emmerdale" actress Catherine Tyldesley to imitate that famous scene from "American Beauty" where Mena Suvari lies on a bed of red roses. Miss Tyldesley was raising money for a charity which seeks to conquer muscular dystrophy. Her take on the "American Beauty" scene was to lie - not amidst roses - but in a bed of Yorkshire puddings!

Here's Miss Suvari:-
And here's Miss Tyldesley:-

I hope you will agree that the second picture is much sexier. I mean, what's going to turn a red-blooded man on the most? A dolly bird on a bed of roses or the same on a bed of Yorkshire puddings? No contest! The only thing missing from Miss Tyldesley's picture is lashings of onion gravy. Old Robbie Burns had it wrong when he wrote:-

Oh my love is like a red, red rose
That's newly sprung in June;
My love is like the melodie
That's sweetly played in tune.
It surely should have read:-
Oh my love is like a Yorkshire Pudding
That's newly risen in the pan
My love is like the Christmas jumper
That was knitted by my nan.

Next time Miss Tyldesley wishes to do a photoshoot, I will propose that she lies in bed with just one Yorkshire Pudding - that's if I can fit her in to my busy schedule!


  1. Sorry YP it just doesn't do it for me!

  2. "I will propose that she lies in bed with just one Yorkshire Pudding"
    Hush your mouth, YP. Have you been at the Christmas sherry, man?

  3. At first I thought they were pizzas!

    I do believe adding such phrases as "newly sprung in June" and "newly risen in the pan" to the post have given it a certain pornographic quality...you sly devil, you.

    But I find pizza much sexier than Yorkshire Pudding.

  4. When you find time to bake her that Yorkshire Pudding, I'd love the recipe, YP.

    That was what you meant, wasn't it?

  5. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Honestly! No hips and a fake tan. But whatever floats your boat darling.

  6. It's just not the same without the gravy, YP.

    Merry almost new year!

  7. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Well you asked me to leave a comment so here it is. Miss S. looks likes she's dead, as if she's in a crucifix position compared to Ms.YP who looks like she's saying " come and get it"; and I don't mean the 'YP!

    By the way I was the one backing out in the car park this afternoon. I thought who's that miserable so and so who's blocked my reversal!!!

  8. I reckon we can blame RWP for inferring this one is about pornography and sex ~ for the search engines I mean.


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