17 April 2023


You might remember that last week I mentioned that I would be heading off to Louth in Lincolnshire. Well here I am. I'm staying in a cheap lodging house that was once a pub called "The Travellers". Earlier, I had a most acceptable Indian meal in an establishment called "The Helal Tandoori".

During the day, I headed through Market Rasen and then up onto the rolling chalk hills known as The Lincolnshire Wolds. I bagged ten Ordnance Survey squares with a detour along lanes and then at one o' clock I parked Clint in the village of South Elkington before embarking on a three and a half hour circular walk in the spring sunshine.

Now I am struggling with my old laptop again - the one with an "s" key that doesn't work. It was also a struggle getting on the Wifi here. I will leave you with five photos from today.

Path through blossom

All Saints Church, South Elkington


  1. That's a strange place for a cross, assuming that is what it is.

  2. Yes, I noticed the absence of your post but I said, "Don't worry. It will show up and it did." You really need the first post for the next post to make sense.

  3. The calves look like they're wearing woolly coats, snug and warm.

  4. You won't have a hard time to guess which of these photos is my favourite.

  5. How strange, I looked for your blog for yesterday and couldn't find it. I was concerned something had happened to either you or your computer!
    nice photos and I see you met some cows and calves!

  6. Years ago, there used to be piles of pallets everywhere. They were impossible to give away and usually were burnt in places you would never drive again due to all the nails holding them together. But these days there is sort of a trend of people building stuff out of them and they don't pile up anymore like what you took a picture above.


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