18 April 2012


In my absence from what we laughingly call "civilisation", my first and possibly last Kindle e-book has been launched via Amazon. I don't know much about the world of e-books but I am well aware that getting a first novel published via traditional means can be as difficult as breaking into Fort Knox so I thought I would simply dive in the Kindle deep-end and see what happens.

As a former secondary school English teacher, I guess I wrote this 55,000 word novel with adolescents in mind but hope that it will also have a degree of  "crossover" appeal so that some adult readers also find pleasure in its electronically presented  pages.

If you use a Kindle yourself or know any mid-teenage Kindle readers, why not give my original book a whirl or recommend it to someone? Priced at only US$3.15 or UK£2.05, it is surely one of the literary bargains of this decade! I understand that Kindle e-books can be accessed via some other electronic devices.

To find out more, and get a taste of the novel via Amazon's "Look Inside" facility please click on:-  "The Headland"


  1. I am so impressed! Firstly that you went with my undoubtedly brilliant suggestion to publish through Amazon Kindle (!) and seriously, because you have done a very professional job of marketing it. I buy books for my Kindle but most of the 'new' authors don't present them nearly as well as you. The 'look inside' facility was definitely a good decision. You have inspired me to get mine into shape and do the same. Good luck with it and I'll certainly buy it.

  2. Buying it as soon as I hang up here. I suppose you'll use this new fortune to build an even bigger palace on Blogland.

  3. That link takes me to Amazon for the U.K. it wouldn't let me buy anything because I'm a "furriner." I couldn't find it on Amazon.com for the U.S.A. Is there a way I can convince the U.S.A. Amazon to carry your book?

  4. congrats YP... the only other person I know who has something published on kindle is bel ami who writes gay port ( though he is straight!!!)
    well done to you my friend

  5. Wow! well done, congratulations etc, from envious Brian.

    Not having Kindled before, can it be bought and downloaded to read on a "normal" computer? I'll investigate ...

  6. congratulation! I've never known a real author personally before. Hope you sell millions.

  7. JENNY Yes thanks for the suggestion, supported by Shooting Parrots. I might not have thought of it otherwise.
    JAB BLAWAT I'm a novice in this field but as I was going through the publishing process, I understood that the book would also be available Stateside. Not sure what the problem is.
    EARL GRAY Gay port? Thanks for your support kind sir.
    BRIAN I am a novice in this e-book world. I think it can be read in non-Kindle forms but I'm not sure of the process.
    HELEN And thanks for your support too. Millions? A dozen would be a nice start.

  8. OK, I found the book and bought it! The problem was I am very gullible and took it for granted the author's name was actually Yorkshire Pudding. Not so, Neil. I'm still waiting for my passport, by the way, but I got the chickens all washed yesterday so I wouldn't be importing parasites on them that might be bad for the native birds.

  9. You're selling something and you don't know how it actually works ... sure you've never been a salesman for those new-fangled mobile phone things?
    Anyway, once I get my pay cheque I will consider investing a full two pounds for the book - hope there's plenty of words in there, for that price!! You can get the Yellow Pages for 'nowt in Barnsley and it makes a good read ....

  10. I just knew if I waited long enough and prayed hard enough and was patient enough and brushed my teeth twice a day and saw my dentist twice a year that some day I would learn your real name.

    O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! That day has arrived.

    To protect your true identity in Blogworld, however, I shall refer to you as Nigel Higgins in the future when not using your blogging moniker.

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  12. You would be doing us all a service, Nigel, if you would consider posting about your experiences in getting your book published on Kindle.

  13. I've just finished the book, and I enjoyed it very much. I expected superior craftsmanship, and was not disappointed, but I also appreciated your storytelling abilities. I could not put the book down until I finished it. Bravo!!!

    Pardon me for this, but I was an editor and inconsistencies pop out for me: Long Burton was changed to Long Newton when the kids decided to see if Uncle Tony would drive them to see the archaeologist. I think Newton was used 3 times, then it changed back to Long Burton.

  14. JAN BLAWAT I am thrilled that you have already read my book. Thank you! Perhaps you could review it on Amazon without reference to my dumb errors re. Long Burton and Long Newton? I knew I should have got someone to proof-read it first! I appreciate this criticism and will see if it is possible to correct a Kindle book once "live".

  15. Will do. I am always available for editing, I'm especially good at things like "what happened to the dog?" One of my author friends - she writes huge long books - will introduce a dog, for example, and write enough about it to make me wonder what happened to it when she never mentions it again.


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