27 April 2012


"I'd like to be under the sea in an octopus's garden 'neath the waves"... Yes that's me above, snapped by Thuza before I ventured into the bay on another snorkelling expedition. I'm sure you will agree that I am an exceedingly handsome young fellow. Today I tested out my new underwater camera - kindly mailed to me by R & E Brague of 13 Acme Factory Road, Canton, Georgia, USA. May I say a public "thank you" to my rich American benefactors for this unexpected generosity.

Below are just three of the underwater pictures I snapped this afternoon. Down there it's another world, a quiet world of beauty and colour, of predator and victim, mysterious shadows and sparkling light filtered from above. Swimming in that other world, you feel like an invader. I ask myself , on a planet that it is two thirds ocean who should we say owns it? We imperialist human beings or the creatures of the sea? There are far more of them than us and unlike us they live in harmony with their environment... regardless of our growing threat.


  1. at the risk of sounding crass... and it's never bothered me before... you need to spit in your goggles and give 'em a quick rub old boy.
    The only thing that decides who's in charge of this here blue ball is who can eat what.... as long as you don't meet a shark out there you're pretty much in charge.... get 'em scoffed!

  2. We are so pleased that you like your gift and are putting it to good use. And what hunky shoulders you have, Grandma....

  3. ARCTIC FOX Thanks for the tip about spitting in my mask. When you mentioned "blue ball" I thought you were referring to your secret condition.
    RHYMES WITH... Hunky shoulders? Many years ago I signed up for the Charles Atlas postal course. Perhaps you should have done the same then guys wouldn't have kicked sand in your face down on the beach! Once again thanks ever so much for the camera.

  4. Watch out for the salt water alligators... !

    Re. scoffing tropical fish: Don't eat the green ones. They're not ripe.

  5. Not that you had any choice YP, but nevertheless, I'd like to thank you for allowing me to 'post' in your comment section the last few weeks. It appears that now I am able to write words on my own blog again. Hooray.
    The human contact has meant that I've been able to stay more-or-less sane despite my physical isolation.

  6. KATHERINE Thanks for your advice about consuming the creatures of the deep. Pleased to hear that the gift of language has returned to your shipwrecked blog.


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