27 July 2012


More church signs discovered via Google Image Search. Thanks to Reverend Parrots for his holy guidance:-


  1. Great! Burgers at Helsie's. I'll bring some sweet corn and tomatoes.

  2. At least I do do 'free'!

  3. I would love to know how you do these.. you little tinker!

  4. Ha, ha! Come on over !

  5. JAN BLAWAT And I will bring a truck load of giant Yorkshire puddings. If we don't eat them all, Helen and Tony can use the leftovers to re-roof their house.
    SHOOTING PARROTS I wonder what the content of your sermon will be? I guess it will be about sin which you know a lot about.
    HELEN Can you also chuck a couple of fresh wombats on the barbie?
    RABBI GRAY If you were a rich man deedle deedle...you could afford disposable plastic underpants!

  6. Hahahaha! These are great!
    I went to the website and made a 'belated Birthday courier truck' for a friend whose birthday I missed.

    Great fun! Thanks for sharing.


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