9 July 2012


Odd house in Millington
The East Riding of Yorkshire is caressed by an arc of ancient chalk which is most visible and obvious at Flamborough Head. This protective geological arm then reaches out towards York before bending south to the River Humber. These Yorkshire Wolds are not mountains, just rolling hills and on Saturday, Shirley and I met up with our old friends - Tony and Fiona for a lovely ramble high in the wolds from the village of Millington. I hope my pictures give you a sense of our perfect summery afternoon.

Tony and Fiona
Looking to Scoar Dale
Lofty Warren Farm - high on the chalk wolds
Two pubs in North Newbald
After the five mile walk in a circle that brought us back to Millington, we then motored south to "The Tiger Inn" in North Newbald where we had refreshing drinks on the benches by the village green and talked of the lives we are leading, including the week long trip to Greece that Shirley and I have booked - leaving Monday morning. Not sure when I'll get to blog again - but if I see an internet opportunity in Greece, I will of course take it. Must get to bed now. We have to be up at three thirty...


  1. Looks like you had a great time, albeit that you stole all the sunshine! Enjoy your hols!

  2. Looks like a proper summer's day! Enjoy your break.

  3. Lovely! Bon Voyage. Or, I should really say ασφαλές ταξίδι!

    We will look forward to lovely photos on your return!

  4. stay off the ouzo YP - find a pint of Tetleys or Guinness instead..... you know where you are then!

  5. beautiful!
    who needs the far east eh?

  6. I have to say the colours from your new camera are pretty stunning.

  7. I like the colors, too. Are you having problems with them being too contrasty? I have that problem with my super duper Pentax, it kicks up the colors and the contrast. I'm not sure what to do about that.

  8. HELEN Okay. Will do Edwina!
    MUMASU It was a Wolds window of opportunity and not what the weatherman had predicted.
    KATHERINE Is ασφαλές ταξίδι! a Greek curse? Hope you like my small sample of pictures.
    ARCTIC FOX Had some ouzo one night and walked in ever decreasing circles afterwards.
    EARL GRAY East Yorkshire IS the far east in my book!
    SHOOTING PARROTS A compliment from you! As Mrs Parrots might say, on such rare days hell must have frozen over!
    JAN BLAWAT You could always adjust your pictures with, for example, Microsoft Picture Manager - until you achieve the effects you want - dulled or more vivid.


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