23 July 2012


You can do a lot in four days. Make memories. Titillate your senses. We landed at Carcassonne and then drove westwards on quiet country roads to Mirepoix where we stopped to loiter and investigated the small town's impressive medieval cathedral.
Old sign in Mirepoix, L'Ariege
Frances in Cathedrale St Maurice, Mirepoix
On Thursday we were in Ax-lesThermes where a French couple were resting on a bench near "La Poste" - the post office. At first I thought it might be wealthy American computer magnate Mr R.Brague with his long suffering wife Mrs E.Brague but when I approached them the mixed odours of garlic, "Gitanes" and eau de cologne were unmistakable:-
In Ax-les-Thermes
Here's another picture of the mountains poking up above the clouds - taken from the ski fields high above Ax-les-Thermes:-
Ethereal clouds - Domaine du Saquet
On the last night Frances and I drove down to the hamlet of Les Pujols where a stage had been erected and a travelling musical troupe was performing at the annual "fete". Here you see Ms J. Aspin of Wrexham disguised as Lady Gaga:-
At the annual village fete in Les Pujols
Robin and Suzy live in an old farmhouse that has been subdivided into gites. They live in the right end section and the other two thirds of the building are divided into four individual rental properties. Let me know if you might like to stay there one day. It's very peaceful and rural but a ten minute drive from Pamiers. Fifteen minutes to Foix.
Pyreneen Vue - Robin and Suzy's place
On Saturday, Frances and I went into Toulouse. Previously, I'd only seen the city's airport. It is a lovely low-rise city with many historical buildings and a genteel, relaxed atmosphere. Many restaurants and street cafes and well worth four hours of our time:-
River scene in Toulouse


  1. That last view does indeed look relaxing. I could just walk down there and sit and read for a hour. Lovely.

    Loks like it will be 2014 now, but I will be in touch if we want a base in that part of the country. Thanks!

  2. Brings back fond memories, YP. Did you get time to sample the pool?

  3. You're making me very jealous with all these holidays while I'm home catering for old folks' birthday parties !!

  4. KATHERINE 2014? Hell that's a lot of pet sketching before then!
    JENNY Yes we did go in the pool. It was lovely and clean but one of those free-standing types so you have to mount the up-and-over ladder. I guess it was there the last time you went.
    HELEN Some of us are born to holiday and some are born to work so just knuckle down and travail mon petit!

  5. Why is that every town and city finds the need for a big wheel these days? Even genteel Toulouse.

  6. Mr PARROTS I assume your question is rhetorical. However, there's no big wheel in Rotherham or indeed in Grimsby or Cleckheaton so where does that leave your argument? Eh?

  7. oh... how it makes me long for our holiday in september!!!
    mr YP have fun!

  8. Ah yes, but nobody takes photos of Rotherham, Grimsby or Cleckheaton.

  9. EARL GRAY Where are you off on holiday sir? Surely not...Rhyl!
    SPARROTS Point taken.


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