3 December 2010


In nearby Ecclesall churchyard, with snow up to my knees, I saw two angels and thought you might like to see them too. I loved the first one as soon as I saw it, the snow embracing her like a blanket. I crept up on her, waited for a long thin cloud to slide past the sun and then clicked a dozen times. As I've said before, that's one of the beauties of digital photography. You can take as many pictures as you like and if they're all rubbish you can just delete them. The angel was placed there for Malcolm, the only son of Norman and Ena Proudlock. How long ago I have no idea and I don't even know who the second angel memorialises for the words were hidden by snow.


  1. It probably sounds a little weird, but I quite like wandering around cemeteries looking at the headstones and statues - but on a sunny afternoon for preference. :)

  2. But your snowy photos are lovely.

  3. ....a softly falling silent shroud of snow.....


  4. Lovely photographs. Are the skies really that blue in England?

  5. JENNY Thanks. I think that first angel is one of the best pictures I have ever taken. I had to kneel down in two feet of snow to get that angle/angel!
    STEVE Thanks for dropping by me old china. Simon and Garfunkel... timeless songs.
    RHYMES WITH... On sharp, clear, winter days like yesterday, yes - the sky really is that blue. Besides, the camera never lies!!

  6. I love wandering around in cemeteries in England too. I've only seen small ones though I guess with your population you have large ones like we do. Ours cover acres and acres usually in a prime position on top of a hill and are not nearly as interesting as there are not too many really old graves in them.
    By the way
    sook :noun
    1. (Australia and New Zealand ) a timid, cowardly person, esp. a young person; crybaby.

    It's good to learn a new word occasionally. now you can use it in conversation and see if anyone understands what you are saying!


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