6 December 2010


The following indigenous residents of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) were injured by Chilean special forces over the weekend:-

Marco Antonio Tuki
Claudio Tuki
Pía Vargas Saavedra
Rodolfo Hito
Pedro Hito
Enrique Tépano
Benjamín Cadinali
Teresa Tuki
Moisés Tépano
So Araki
John Tuki Huke
Mata Atan
Manuel Riroroko
Maori Pakarati
Leviante Araki
Ricardo Tépano
Gaspar Tepihe
Rodolfo Hito
Sita Hito

Homes have been ransacked by the Chilean "visitors" as they seek to crush the legitimate protests of the inheritors of one of the most unique cultures on this planet. In miniature, the protesters' story mimics the historical plights of native Americans, Australian aboriginals, Amazonian indians and the great tribes of central Africa but this is happening today! Right now! And of course the Rapa Nui activists have nowhere to run to but the ancient caves and volcanic fissures of their ancestors for the island is small and 2,000 miles from anywhere else. The remotest inhabited place on Earth.

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  1. Unbelievable. You'd think they'd want to make the most of the feelgood fallout from the rescued miners, not behave like latterday conquistadors.


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