23 July 2016


Sometimes blogs go into hibernation. Weeks, months or maybe even years may pass before they wake up again. This is what has occurred in relation to "Demob Happy Teacher" by Jenny from Wrexham, North Wales. It is a blog I have visited for years so it is nice to discover that Jenny is back in the blogosphere again.

Why not go over and visit her blog. Here is the link:-
We bloggers sometimes need encouragement and when a blog has been dormant for a while, it can be difficult to regather an audience. All visitors to "Demob Happy Teacher" will have their names entered into a free draw. The first prize is a week's stay in The Ramada Plaza Hotel in Wrexham and the second prize is a two week stay.


  1. Whoooohooooo! I want third prize! Third prize, pleeeeeeeze!!!! It has to be a better prize than second prize. It make it worth my while travelling all the way from here to there!!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze!!!!!!

    A few years ago I stopped blogging for a number of months...for over a year, but then I got back into the swing of it again.

    Thanks for the link, Yorkie. I will pop into Jenny's blog.

    1. Third prize is a nun's wimple and a month of penance and silence in The Convent of Our Lady of Mercy in Colwyn Bay, North Wales. Huge congratulations Lee... or should I call you Sister Lee?

  2. Haha! Thanks for the advert, YP. Very kind of you, except that I am wondering who is going to be paying for these prizes ... ?


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