22 July 2008


In her end of term blogging awards, Hadriana, over at Hadriana's Treasures , has honoured this humble Yorkshire blog with a special "Knockout Read Award" plus an invitation to stay at her Northumberland mansion for an all expenses paid weekend at any time I wish. Thank you so much Hadriana! And so to my acceptance speech....

"Ladies and gentlemen, friends.... Jeez I don't know what to say.... I-I mean I just never expected anything like this. I'm overwhelmed. But in accepting this fantastic award I have to say that it wasn't just down to me... First of all I would like to thank my mother and father for making me one cold January night in the early nineteen fifties... without that beautiful secret moment I literally wouldn't be here today... and if you look up at the screen you can see that my father captured the conception on film... (three minute pause) ... beautiful... I would also like to thank my blog research team and the gnomes at Y. Pudding Enterprises Inc. who beaver away day and night to unearth suitable material to post on the old blog. It's all about teamwork. Thank you guys! I'd also like to thank the folks at "npower" for their electricity, Hewlett Packard for their temperamental home computer, Bulmers for their excellent chilled cider which has helped me through numerous blogging-blocks and last but not least my audience... I owe it all to you people!"
(Y.Pudding bows and leaves the stage to rapturous applause).


  1. Applauds rapturously.

  2. Is this a wind-up??? ;)

  3. KATHERINE - Thank you for your gracious approbation
    JENNYTA - Jealous? If you want a blogging award you'll simply have to try a little harder.

  4. Wind Up: Absolutely not! In Cider Veritas etc. Many congratulations to YP Enterprises Inc. once again. Not sure about the Northumberland mansion bit more like shoe box (child size 10)...but hey, we're a generous lot up here...if you're ever up this way...

  5. First of all, I'm here because Hadriana said you were a knockout read. Do I agree? Why, most certainly, I do...second of all, I'd have had to come over to visit simply because of all the British foods in the world that I adore Yorkshire pudding has to be the one...I don't even mind if the rest of the family has eaten all the beef that goes with, I make do with the Yorkshire Pudding, lol!


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