25 July 2008


Well - I suppose it's a bit like a meme. I found it over at "Three Legged Cat". What you have to do is to make a Flikr photomosaic that kind of represents you via twelve questions listed below the mosaic.
1. First name 2. Favourite food 3. High school 4. Favourite colour 5. Celebrity crush 6. Favourite drink 7. Dream holiday 8. Favourite dessert 9. What do you want to be when you grow up? 10. What you love most in life. 11. One word to describe you. 12. Your blog name.
Link to Mosaic Maker


  1. Ok... hmm, a bit cryptic this one. So, you want to be a potato when you grow up, you had a crush on some guitarist, dream holiday is to live on a fern, favourite colour is black and white, favourite drink is seawater, your high school was an old building with trees and creepers all over it, most in life you'd like to be cut open and have midgets looks at your innards, 'watery' is the best word to describe you, and your favourite dessert recipe is written on a tombstone. Is this right?

  2. KATHERINE - You mock me at your peril lady! However, I realise you live "down under" and so suspect your brain may have become jumbled.

  3. I think these twelve photographs could be made into an interesting song to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas - as to whose down under that's a moot point, it depends on how you hold the map - and be wary of tradition, Brits once thought the earth was flat :-)

  4. TILLERMAN - What, you mean the Earth isn't flat? As I look out on my lawn I can see that it is perfectly flat. If the planet wasn't flat the lawn would surely have a marked curve in it - like the outside of an orange.

  5. Dam it, my theories scuttled by commons sense again! Who sort of cheese do you think the moon is made of, rumour has it that it is Swiss.


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