16 July 2008


Tian Kian Ann (Aged 25) is a blog marketing coach based in Singapore. He seems to have this idea that businesses can utilise the medium of blogging to boost profits. On his Blogopreneur website he published the following "poem" ( and I use the term very loosely).

He pre-empts it with "Don’t ask me how and why I came up with this. I’m no poet. It comes when it just comes." Hey Tian - you were definitely right about not being a poet! Stick to money grabbing in future!

Professional Blogger's Poem

Hate your job? Start a blog.
Pick a good niche, whichever one you wish.
Learn how to write, with all your might.
Use your own voice, blogs give you that choice.
Write from your heart, and it’ll be an art.
Post everyday, posts builds your pay.
It may not be now, but it’ll happen somehow.
Publish good content, your readers will comment.
Avoid link farms, they’ll only cause harm.
Feed the spiders, treat them as insiders.
Spend some time on SEO, top rankings boost your ego.
Make some pingbacks, they’ll raise your paychecks.
Don’t you ever fear, you can be a Blogopreneur!

Now that's what I call poetry! Eat your heart out Keats! Emily Dickinson! Dylan Thomas! Make way for the great Tian Kian Ann! But what the hell does he mean by "link farms", "spiders", "SEO" and "pingbacks"? It's all mumbo-jumbo to me. However, although his business-oriented poem is unadulterated crap - perhaps it is useful in posing the question - Is it possible to write meritorious poems about blogging? I think I will try one or two soon so thanks Tian Kian Ann - although you seem plain daft to me you have stirred some creative juices. Any other bloggers fancy attempting poems that focus on blogging?


  1. He is obviously naturally gifted at writing bad poetry. Now the interesting thing is that if you or I tried to write as badly we might just fail, we may never in a lifetime of practise rise to his lofty heights. But keep quiet about it and don't tell him he may have a talent, he might try to make it into a money making venture. Really bad crap poetry might become a growth industry.

  2. I particularly liked: Don’t you ever fear, you can be a Blogopreneur!

  3. "Plain daft"....now THAT is pure poetry to me. Some other Northern poetical words: Champion, clarty, hansel (do they hansel Down South I wonder?)....maybe I'll write a poem about those when I've put my thinking cap on.

  4. Must Say It
    His Poem Is Notverygood

  5. there once once was a man from west riding
    who wished to make money blog writing
    but named after a savoury lunch
    he had a bit of hunch
    he'd have to rename himself venezuelan chilli ice-cream or something that sounds more exiting


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