12 January 2013


A road known as Sukhumvit heads eastwards from Bangkok's central zone. Branching off from it are various little lanes - what the Thais call "sois". Down Sukhumvit's sois you will find various businesses that cater largely for visitors - English pubs, massage parlours, sex shows and a variety of restaurants. On Saturday evening I visited one Sukhumvit restaurant that goes by the curious name of "Cabbages and Condoms".

It provided a lovely, airy environment for dining in - with thousands of fairy lights, gingham tablecloths and various art installations made from coloured condoms. As Christmas is not long past, there was a Christmas tree and an enormous Santa each made entirely from condoms. Even lampshades were made from the same latex sheaths that will undoubtedly be very familiar to several visitors to this blog includingCENSORED BY BLOGGER

Perhaps it all sounds rather tacky but I tell you it wasn't. The food was excellent and I was in the company of several of my adopted school's teachers - some with their partners. It seems there is a message behind the establishment's use of condoms - about staying safe and family planning and a portion of the restaurant's profits go to supporting the fight against AIDS - surely a much worthier war than the pointless horror that is still happening in Afghanistan.

The meal was very pricey for Bangkok - around £15 or $25 - with a starter, two Singha beers and a gorgeous dessert of sticky coconut rice and slices of fresh mango. In contrast my very palatable lunch in the food court above Tesco Lotus cost me just over £1. Cabbages and Condoms eh? Whatever names will they think of next? Nectarines and Nipples? Bananas and Birth Control Pills? Not the kind of restaurant names that would usually attract me, that's for sure.


  1. I remember a shop in York called KNOBS AND KNOCKERS

  2. EARL GRAY Ooo missus! Now why doesn't that surprise me?

  3. I was glad to read you were not alone YP...maybe some of those streets are unsafe? ps that pudding sounds very tasty

  4. 'The time has come the walrus said to speak of other things...'

    Actually some time ago I saw a model on a catwalk in a dress made out of the rubber articles... or are they still made out of gut? I remember going to the freezing works (abattoirs to you) on a school trip and some of the more ... er... knowledgable boys giggling over one part of the factory. I couldn't IMAGINE what they could find funny in an abattoir ... But then I was a rather naive 15 year old.

  5. LIBBY Bangkok feels really safe. Of course bad stuff can happen anywhere but Thai culture has respect for others at its core. And yes that pudding is almost more delicious than Yorkshire pudding!
    KATHERINE Why don't you experiment with condoms yourself? I mean, in your art work. A kiwi made from condoms would go down a storm in Tauranga...and I am surprised that that trip (half a century ago)didn't inspire you to make a rewarding career in NZ abattoirs.

  6. I am doubtful that an establishment with a similar name would be allowed in the "states." Hum. Artistic creativity and good food and good works in one establishment. Good on them!!


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