22 January 2013


My £8 a night bungalow at Khao Yai
Jungle guide Beer holds a yellow whipsnake that I also held - feeling its
subtle smoothness as it wove its way expertly back to the greenery
Jungle shadows which I have posted especially for
The Blogger of the Year in New Zealand. 
The scorpion that Beer pulled from its sleepy lair. He thought it would be funny toput this
handsome fellow on my muscular upper arm - like a living tattoo
Beer tried to take a photo of a swinging gibbon by pressing my SLR against
his telescope. As you can see - it didn't really work.
Salty lake in the middle of the jungle where elephants come to drink and
defecate in the early morning. It is called Nong Phak Chi.


  1. looking at your arm under the scorpion, I would say you need some skin cream.

    Fantastic photos, as usual. Glad to see you are enjoying your run ashore!

  2. HIPPO Ha! Ha! There are pictures of me with the scorpion on my arm but I have turned into such an old git, I'd rather not reveal my wizened visage.

  3. Wow YP*, you are really getting into the tactile side of the jungle, aren't you!? Thank you for 'my' photo. I am 'touched'. But I'll leave the other touching for you to do. Brrrr.

    * I've decide to rename you with a Thai name: 'Pramod Sud' which means 'Happy Tiger'

  4. You can have the jungle
    I don't do creepy crawlies
    They make me squeal

  5. How very tarzan of you YP....critters give me the creeps.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. "Nong Phak Chi" is actually the sound of elephants defecating in the early morning.

    A true Thai jungle guide would not be named Beer. A true Thai jungle guide would be named Dai Quiri.

  8. KATHERINE Pramod Sud? I like it! What is "of horse" or "de chevalle" in Thai I wonder.
    EARL GRAY I thought it was only Matt Cardle that could make you squeal...and that butch cop from "Road Wars"!
    LIBBY Me Tarzan. You Jane. To jungle. Come woman. Tarzan he go AII-EEAIII!
    RHYMES WITH LINGUIST I didn't realise that you were so knowledgeable about the Thai language!Do your talents know no bounds?


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