30 January 2013


Our Eden

We had our Eden
Beyond festooned lianas
And green ginger bushes
Where the sucking fig tree pushes
Up, up to the pristine blue
And  iridescent scorpions
Creep from secret lairs
As  invisible gibbons
Caterwaul across the canopy
Cacophonous cadences
From pre-history
And where retreating shadows
Define and deepen the verdure
Magical yet fearsome
There but not there
In the gathering gloom of dusk
A young bull levers his tusks
To ransack sweet bamboo
Still wild in his fleeing forest
Still blaming me and you.


  1. How sad, what We have done, and are still doing.

  2. MOUNTAIN THYME I am very pleased that the main intention of this poem conveyed itself to you - yes, a lament for what has been lost. We had our Eden but we vandalised it and we continue that destruction almost unabated.


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