13 June 2013


Gozo Island, Mediterranean Sea June 13th 2013
Dear Bloglings,
Now we are on Gozo - not Gonzo - that creature from "The Muppets". It seems a rather lovely island. Very ancient and all appears to be made from the base rock - a creamy limestone that reflects the island's dancing sunlight. We walked into San Lawrenz in the early evening and bought a few provisions from a small family grocery store. Upon returning to our surprisingly spacious apartment I made a tagliatelli dish with pork mince sauce - chopped red pepper, onion, mushrooms and tomatoes added. The missus enjoyed it so it can't have been bad. How did Jenny do in her Welsh exam? Are they finally going to put Old Uncle Bob in the Canton Sanatorium? Has the "Shooting Parrots" website been shut down yet following those revelations in "The Manchester Evening News"? Has Mr Hippo signed the pledge? Is Madam J. Blawat a grandmother yet? I have many more questions but there's only limited room on the back of these bloody postcards! Wish you were here.
Yorkie n' Shirl


  1. Sounds like you are enjoying your warm island. Didn't know you were such a good cook. Sounds like Shirley is having a good holiday too if you are doing all the cooking.

  2. I, Hippo on the lawn, pledge to strive to be more like Citizen Smith (Smiff)every day and 'Keep the Red Flag Fly-ing'

    Still waiting to hear whether you enjoyed my post about you flying Ryanair... It seemed to go down well with all your other Bloglings!

  3. Yorkie & Shirl, glad to hear you two are having a fat time in the sun STOP
    Gorgeous Winter days here in Oz STOP
    Don't forget Maltesers and Duty Free perfume at customs STOP

  4. No grandkid yet. Meanwhile I still have my baby cats and baby chickens to keep me busy, and if I keep practicing on them I might not be the grandmother from hell when the time comes. You have to have something to look forward to, just as all your blogging buddies look forward to your trips.


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