7 June 2013


I've been back in Blighty too long. It's time to get away again...So on Monday afternoon Shirley and I are leaving Luton airport on a Ryanair jet plane. And here are three picture clues as to where we are going:-
Mmm...now that was difficult wasn't it? Never been there before. It's a nine day trip and because Shirley only gets four weeks holiday a year this is her main vacation. I'm just going to carry the bags and to negotiate the Ryanair pitfalls - designed to trip up unwary air travellers and to bleed their wallets. One of the very irritating techniques this cunning airline have recently introduced is to use advertising in word verification so that you find yourself typing slogans or phrases from Ryanair or partner companies. They didn't used to be as ruthless as they are now. I just hope we are able to manage all the hurdles before we get to.....


  1. A new one on me.

    I hope you enjoy your holiday in Cornmalteasercross.

    The bread and sweets should be okay but I suspect it will be a brave man that tries the beer.

  2. Well I have learned something new ~ maltesers come from Malta :)
    Another stamp in ye olde passport Sir YP ~ is that 53 countries now?
    Have a great holiday Shirley (Lady YP)!

  3. That made me smile! I like brainteasers.

    If you want something to take your mind off the pain of flying Ryanair, get yourself a copy of the book, Malta Convoy: Operation Pedestal (ISBN-13: 978-0907579199 is the latest edition) to read on the way. It had me riveted when I read it back in 1970.

    Amazon has one left in stock and it's only six quid:

  4. I'm really sorry for not being astute.
    Have a great holiday in Malta. Hope you like bells.
    You'll be an expert on bells when you get back.

  5. ADRIAN And there's me thinking you were intelligent!
    CAROL CUNNINGHAM Yes - it will be 52 or 53. I have been so lucky. Maybe I'll try the Baltic counties before too long. Now you need to get back to work young lady! None of this faffing around on the internet. WORK!
    HIPPO Thanks for that link. If I had known earlier I would have certainly bought that book for the trip but there's no way it would arrive before we leave. Perhaps when I get back. Did you win any medals during your military service? I imagine you won one for potato peeling under the benevolent vigilance of the military police!

  6. I received one for being first in the NAAFI queue every day for a week. I was a jolly good potato peeler in my time. In fact, I was very good at doing all sorts of extra duties. I was forever in trouble. Once I arrived at RAF Gutersloh to board an aircraft for emergency deployment to Northern Ireland (my predecessor had just blown himself up) and asked the RAF Movements Officer where I went to board the flight and he pointed at a Hercules thundering down the runway and said, 'Well, Sir, if you can run over two hundred miles an hour, you might just catch it'. I was in deep shit for missing that 'plane.

    Doesn't Amazon do overnight delivery if you pay extra?

  7. Grainsheeppoocross

    It's a lovely village to visit this time of year

  8. I thought you were going to Wheattomatoorcouldbejustaredballmedalburgh, Liechtenstein.

    Please try to get a photo of the very rare Maltese falcon.

  9. Failed miserably with the riddle - can't wait for the next one, though!
    have a great time.

  10. GRAY! BRAGUE! CUTTS! You guys share a cruel sense of humour!

  11. Fantastic. Enjoy, both of you. :)


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