23 June 2013


Switched our main computer on this morning, planning to do some surfing around while I ate my coco-rice but straightaway this vile page appeared:-

Basically some nasty, spotty armpit-stinking scumbags are putting this malware out on the net to try to scare people into shelling out hard-earned money. They frighten you by saying your computer has been used to access illegal sites or has broken copyright laws somewhere along the line. You have seventy two hours to pay your spot fine or you will receive a visitation from the police and your computer will be confiscated.

At first I thought, "Oh no! I knew I shouldn't have visited Going Gently so much! Or viewed those rude pictures of mature Brisbane bloggers" But then when I was having my mid-morning shower - soap bubbles cascading down my tanned and manly torso - it occurred to me that this could in fact be a scam. Fortunately we have two other computers in the house and we were able to quickly establish that the ostensible police warning page is a widespread scam that has affected thousands of people - though previously we hadn't heard of it. And I also ask myself - why the hell did we pay good money to AVG to prevent viruses, trojans and all those other nasty enemies of normal internet use if the service doesn't actually work?

The bugger is an absolute nightmare to address and solve. I went through recommended steps only to find that something has probably and accidentally been removed from the computer's guts. It is possible that I did that myself as I was messing about or it could be an extension of the original scam. What the hell is CRPT32.dll anyway? I wouldn't want to drink it.

If I could get hold of the sub-humans who have engineered this act of wanton vandalism and selfish interference in other people's enjoyment of the internet, I would happily use my pruning shears to remove vital dangly bits from their pasty and no doubt very ugly anatomies. Grrrrrr!

Dear blogging friends- especially in Great Britain - BE WARNED! And if you discover the threatening "police" page, blocking  normal computer use, don't pay anything! On a different computer you will need to check out tutorials and follow maintenance steps as best as you can or call in an expert. Oh drat...tears on my laptop keyboard now! Aaaargghh!


  1. "soap bubbles cascading down my tanned and manly torso"

    You do know how to keep an audience.

  2. I quite liked the layout and artwork.

    Such things are sent to amuse us. After years of paying AVG, Macafree, Macdonalds, GCHQ, Norton et al. I have used Microsoft Security for the last three years with no ill effects. It even allows me access to my fantasy sites, for the most part! It did gibe and cough at Thai lady granddads ice-skating which was mildly annoying.
    Try it it's free.
    Microsoft Security I mean not the Thai lady granddads.

  3. RHYMES WITH...I put that bit in especially for you.
    ADRIAN..."To amuse us"???!!! Hell's bells Adrian, just don't knock on our door this afternoon! Or were you simply trying to wind me up?...It worked!

  4. I'm glad my prose was not wasted.

  5. So annoying! Hope you can fix it .

  6. I have had nothing but Macs for more than 25 years, don't have problems like this and don't have to pay to prevent them.

  7. HELEN At the moment I wouldn't put money on my ability to solve this issue. Might have to pay for somebody.
    JAN BLAWAT Do you mean Big Macs? Eating them hardly seems a solution to computer gremlins. Why not try salads instead?

  8. That' so annoying, YP. I hope you get your computer back to its normal self soon. I too have used Microsoft Security since it came out and now that I have a MacBook (thanks, Keith!), I have Avast on it - just in case, and that's free too.

  9. I have never used any virus protection - paid or freeware. The thing I do use and have used for years is a good firewall. I use Ashampoo. I think I paid $9 for it although there is freeware available. I like the "paid for" stuff better because it offers many more tools - is simply easier to work with.

    I will admit it is not 100% protection but then what is? It is very good, I've had no problem for several years. The reason I don't like virus protection is I think an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  10. I had the same a few months ago, had only the one PC at the time so cost me £40 after taking it in to local techy.

  11. AILEEN Thanks for dropping by again. I'm glad it's not just me. I have been trying to sort it out again this morning but I think I will have to follow your example and hire a "Techy".


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