27 June 2013


This is my third not-for-profit You Tube movie effort. This time material from our recent trip to Malta and Gozo was used. To tell you the truth, as I shot the video clips in the mazy catacombs of St Paul's Church in Rabat - I was already thinking about levering sunny still images between them. A possible fly in the ointment is my use of  "One Day Like This" by Elbow - it's very possible that  it's breaking copyright law but I am hoping that Elbow don't give me the elbow. After all, including their song on an internationally renowned blog site will most certainly boost their sales!


  1. Mr. Pudding, I tried to watch this but my internet connection is just too slow for videos. In all honesty I can't really get into catacomb type things anyway. In the past, being a fan of RP games, I traversed many a dungeon in various guises, most often as a wizard or healer. Without that trapping, I'm afraid I would feel very vulnerable to any monsters I encountered, either real or imaginary. Kudos to you for being courageous!

    On an entirely different matter I have issued a challenge to you on my blog via your comment, my comment should you have any interest. If not, I understand completely and the challenge shall be withdrawn and laid forever upon the heap of uninteresting crap I have asked others to do.

  2. I played the video three times and didn't see a single cat, let alone a comb!

  3. Sir YP, those still images of the Mediterranean are spectacular. I could almost feel the warmth of that sun on my skin. And those endless blue skies!!! Everything you would expect to see in a postcard.

  4. Mr. Pudding. I'm impressed! Perhaps I missed much of the symbolism or came to the wrong conclusion but here is what I gleaned. No matter how dark the passage may be, if one can find the end of the tunnel, so to speak, there is light. At the end of the video I realized this light is not only the beauty of Malta and its structures but the light that comes to men's minds when they see the error of their ways and stop their evil deeds.

    The video is good and well worth the wait. Congratulations on a job well done!

  5. DAVID OLIVER I am glad you persisted and finally appreciated my cinematographic brilliance!
    SHOOTING PARROTS Only three times? I'm hurt. Look again - several moggies were lurking in the shadows of that underground maze and on the tour bus a dolly bird was combing her hair with a pink "I've Been to Malta" souvenir comb.
    CAROL IN CHAINS I guess that like most well-educated Australians you have been to Europe? Or am I mistaken? Where did you go? There's a Cairns Road in Sheffield - we nearly bought a house there years ago.


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