20 June 2013


Back in Sheffield now. I have been checking out the photographs I took in Malta and Gozo. There were more than three hundred but for your interest and my weblog diary records, here's a little gallery of ten. Click to enlarge:-
A "birding" shelter above Marsascala. Many  Maltese men remain very
keen on trapping or shooting migrating birds.
Ghajn Tuffieha Bay
A woman reading by the salt pans at Marsascala
Tom and Emily at Ramla Bay, Gozo
The San Dimitri Chapel to the west of Gozo
Yorkshire Pudding riding an orange horse
The eyes have it - the stern of a typical Maltese fishing boat
Shoe shop in Valletta
West Gozo near Gharb
Shirley atop The Citadel in Victoria, Gozo


  1. YP on the orange horse will do wonders for his street cred, I'm sure! ;)

  2. JENNY I won't tell you the orange horse's name but she needed a good whipping to get her going.

  3. When both of one's feet are planted on solid ground and both of one's hands are firmly grasping a large orange object sticking out from between one's legs, there is a name for such an activity, but it is not "riding"... I'm just sayin'...

  4. That big squirty bottle of tomato ketchup ruins the ambiance somewhat

  5. RHYMES WITH INNUENDO I do believe I just sniffed some uncharacteristic vulgarity and there was me thinking you were a gentleman!
    EARL GRAY Ha! Ha! You're right. I should have moved the damned thing.

  6. You must have some gypsy in your soul...you have to wander around so. Nice to see you 'in the flesh'...just as I imagined you.

  7. Yes, I have to agree with Earl Gray ~ it made me think OMG ~ where ever we are in the world the gold old Tom Sauce (dead horse) is a standard condiment. Mind you, as I say that, it is a whole food group for my son.

  8. LIBBY What you imagined me riding on a small orange horse called Jenny? Spooky!
    CAROL CUNNINGHAM Maybe I wasn't paying full attention but I didn't realise you had a son. I guess he's called Bruce...or Rolf? Remember the old saying - man cannot live by tomato sauce alone.


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