16 May 2014


Meersbrook Park, Sheffield on the eve of Hull City's first ever FA Cup Final appearance. Above, a man and a woman enjoy a game of bowls on one of the park's beautifully maintained greens. Below, two young men relax on a grassy knoll with the centre of Sheffield spread out before them like a jumbled oil painting.
Bill Shankly, legendary former manager of Liverpool F.C. once said: 'Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.'

In the morning, Shirley and I will return to our nation's capital. We will leave the car at a hotel in St Albans before catching a train in to St Pancras. We will meet our son Ian, have lunch together and catch-up time before carrying on to Wembley once again. There we will meet my old mate Tony by the Bobby Moore statue. We have seen many games together going back over thirty years.

We are up against the mighty Arsenal. There are individual players in their squad who cost more in transfer money than Hull City's entire squad. By rights we should be beaten. We should be the also-rans but football is a funny game as Wigan proved last year. Sometimes the underdogs come out on top. Let's hope that 2014 is also one of those years. Please help by praying for a Hull City victory. Up The Tigers!


  1. Sing come on Sing . We are on our way to Wembley. I can't remember the daft song but though you are going to watch twenty two over paid nancy boys have fun kissing,cuddling, chasing a little round ball and now and again giving it a kick in the right direction. In between they will fall over in agony because another player messed up their coiffure .It rocks your boat so then I wish you and Hull all the best.
    Stuff it up the Arsenal though not in front of the world and on telly.

  2. Go the Tigers ~ you can do it!
    Enjoy the day Yorky ~ this is stuff you will tell the grand kids.

  3. Enjoy every moment. Hull is on a victory roll at the moment when everything it touches turns to gold; let's hope it carries on.

  4. So disappointing YP. I actually watched some of it and thought they were going to win.

  5. Fingers and a toes crossed !


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