6 February 2016


Yesterday morning the postman hammered on our door. He had lugged a sackful of letters up the street. I poured them upon our kitchen floor and began to rip them open. They were all from other bloggers and almost unanimously they were begging me to post some more pictures of Bury in Lancashire. Frankly, I had no idea that Bury was such a popular place! 

A jolly fellow residing in Canton, Georgia said, "Until you post some pictures of Bury my life will be incomplete." Former prison blogger Ian Rhodes at the newly refurbished Shooting Parrots blog said, "Bury holds special memories for me as it was there that I first learnt to clog dance" while Laughing Horse Blogger of the Year Lee from the hippy commune on Tamborine Mountain in Australia said. "If you post pictures of Bury I will alter my will  - making you the sole beneficiary."

So by special request, here for all the blogosphere to enjoy are six rather random pictures of Bury taken last Saturday... 
At Bury F.C.'s Gigg Lane Stadium
Neon poem at Bury Transport Interchange
Cafe in Bury Market
Crompton Street
Statue of Robert Peel and "The Robert Peel" pub
Former town centre pub.
Now an Indian restaurant.
This blogpost was sponsored by Bury Tourism Authority, Bury College, Bury Chamber of Commerce and the family of the late Dee Brown, author of "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee".


  1. I'm glad you are so attentive to the needs and desires of your readers. :)

  2. My life is now complete, especially the photo of the mincing Robert Peel in his clogs and 'bobby' socks.

    1. Even as I posted that picture I realised that your peculiar fashion sense was inspired by Robert Peel, probably the finest clog dancer the world has seen.

  3. I thought it was beisnol, not poetry, that has been bury, bury good to me. Oh, well, no matter. As Scarlett O'Hara would say, I'll think about that tomorrow.

    Today I am wondering (but too busy to look it up), are Bury and Bury St. Edmunds the same place? If not, how many Burys (Buries?) are there in England? And why?

    When you answer my questions, my life will be complete, but only if you tell us about that spire beyond Crompton Street and whether you partook of any of the goodies in the Cafe at Bury Market. Then my life will be complete. I think. So many questions, so little time.

    1. The spire belongs to Bury Parish Church. I did not eat in the cafe illustrated but in a similar one nearby where I had Lancashire hot pot with red cabbage. Bury and Bury St Edmunds are not the same place, not by a long way! Etymologically "Bury" is linked to "borough" (fortified town) and is present in other place names including "Newbury" and "Shrewsbury". Thanks for calling by again Bob.

  4. Replies
    1. Don't call me that! I am not a beisbol, I am a human being!

  5. You've been conned! Nice photos.

  6. I've left all the jars to you, Yorkie. :)

  7. You'll be rich beyond your wildest dream, now that you've been made sole beneficiary of Lee's will :-)


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