17 June 2024


In order to assist newcomers to the world of blogging, I have created the following lexicon:-


blog - originally a "weblog". A personal space within the worldwide web where an individual publishes self-chosen words, pictures and/or videos to share with the world.

blogger - a sad person who has nothing else to do with their time but to sit at a computer churning out their stuff.

"Blogger" - with a capital "B". The arm of Google that kindly facilitates blogging though other less popular providers are also available. "Blogger" is noteworthy because it is un-contactable in relation to technical errors or the reporting of unacceptable activity such as  drug and gun sales, bullying, sexual abuse posts,  threatening behaviour and guidance about how to make homemade bombs.

blogpost - a term that describes a single published offering. Sometimes bloggers may mistakenly use the term "blog" instead. What I am writing just now is a blogpost and not a blog.

"Blog off!" - what a blogger might say to another blogger when they experience disagreement

blogstipation - when a blogger just cannot think of anything to blog about

blogworld - the known world of blogging in which a blogger operates

blogland* - same as blogworld but slightly more intimate *suggested by Steve Reed

blogosphere - the entire panoply of blogs in which bloggers post and interconnect

Yule blog - blogpost written at Christmas time

blogorrhea - when you just can't stop blogging and stuff simply pours out of you

blogmate - a friend that you have made through the process of blogging

blogversary/ blogoversary* - the anniversary of the birth of your blog. *alternative spelling suggested by Meike Riley

bloggery - the sense that other bloggers might be ganging up on you.

"Good blog!" - what a blogger might say in error to his/her pet dog

B.A. (Bloggers Anonymous) - Discreet organisation set up to enable bloggers to talk about their addiction to blogging. Meetings are held monthly in agreed public spaces.

bloog - what a dyslexic person calls a blog.

blog-up* - When things go wrong on your blog - usually related to technical issues - causing difficulties or frustration.   *suggested by Poppy Patchwork

blogged down*- a bit like being bogged down but in a blogging environment. Frustrated as though walking in treacle or quicksand. *suggested by JayCee from The Isle of Man

blog roll *- a batch of blog posts printed on paper and hung on the lavatory wall. *suggested by Tasker Dunham


If any long-serving bloggers or blogmates have other blogging terms they wish to suggest for addition to this list, please place in the "Comments" section.


  1. I know a number of bloggers on Blogger who use blog to mean blogpost--or just post. It can get rather confusing.

  2. Funny! I sometimes say some things about blogging that you'd rather not see or hear.

  3. I have suffered blogstipation every so often ....

  4. I usually just say "post", short for blogpost (or blog post?). Posts are to a blog what chapters are to a book.

  5. PS: Blogversary seems odd. I have more often seen (and used myself) "blogoversary". The middle "o" makes the term flow easier, I think.

  6. Blooger is what I accidentally type sometime and with the amount of problems blogger sometimes has I think Blooger is more appropriate.
    I have several Blogmates I cherish, several I have recently let go of as my reading list was way too long and taking up too much time that I should have spent elsewhere.
    I never remember my Blogversary.

  7. You forgot Blog-up, which is when Blogger starts mucking with your domain, things go missing, or you can't comment from your phone, that's called a Blog-up. Make your own mind up how I came to that title.

  8. Thank you for this explanation YP. I'm sure it's helped clarify one or two confusions we non-blog persons must feel from time to time!

  9. I am getting blogged down in all this blogging terminology. It is a bit of a blogging nuisance.

  10. I read the first definition and thought it was a good and obvious statement. The rest will be as proper. The second one cracked me up. There should be a term for those who fail to credit photos in their posts beyond 'Picture from the internet" or saying nothing at all. I try to but I have failed at times.

  11. Public self expression to know we are not alone. I blog a lot because of rural isolation and I am a frustrated writer.

  12. In the spirit of JayCee's comment you should add "bog" to your dictionary. Bog not necessarily as in "wetland". Though that too. Do bring wellies. The joys of blogland.

    Squelch, squelch, squelch. Mud. We can't go over it. We can't go under it. OH NO! we've got to go through it.

    Last paragraph courtesy of Michael Rosen (author), Helen Oxenbury (drawings) "We're Going on a Bear Hunt". Read it to your grandchildren as and when. They'll love it. A lesson not least in how to overcome life's adversities. Though I do feel sorry for the bear as he walks off into the woods, his efforts thwarted.

    Ursula [little bear in Latin - but then you know that, don't you]

  13. Blogroupies - Bloggers who hang around a particular blogger and comment on every single post, even if they have to struggle to find something to say.

  14. A very creative list.

  15. I definitely enjoy reading blogs. Bloggers have helped me so much especially since I retired.

  16. Ha! I love this. I use "blogland" as opposed to "blogworld," but they seem synonymous. I also use the spelling "blogaversary." Surely Blogger must have some method of reporting problem blogs or dangerous content? I've never looked into it because fortunately I hang out with harmless bloggers. :)

  17. A mutual blogfriend (GB) often uses the term Blogland. Perhaps adding yet another degree of how familiar you've come to feel with a certain circle of bloggers - many of whom also interact with one another. (cf Blogworld, Blogosphere)

  18. Blogdie - a band of new wave bloggers that included Debbie Harry.
    Blog Roll - a batch of blog posts printed on paper and hung on the lavatory wall.
    Blogdin - a French blogger who wrote a post about walking over Niagara Falls on a tightrope.
    Blogwort (also known as the blog bilberry and blog blueberry) - a blog that bears small blue edible fruit.

  19. Blogshit (in the U.K. - blogshite): what other bloggers post.


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