2 July 2008


Is it just me? Or does anyone else find certain media celebrities intensely irritating? Take the radio for example. I listen to it every day travelling to and from work. Also, while grafting in the kitchen while Shirley puts her feet up, I will often press the wireless button - usually it's Radio 4 for news or comedy. Sometimes Radio 5 Live for the sport.

Locally there's Radio Sheffield which I like to listen to in the morning for local news. Unfortunately, there's a big downside to that listening experience - namely the breakfast radio host - Toby Foster. His humour is so banal. He is full of himself, doesn't really listen to other people and makes light of sometimes serious issues. He derides cricket, buts in when songs are playing, has a very limited vocabulary and tries to come across as an opinionated man of the people. I have taken to switching radio stations when the news is over - such is the irritation he causes.

Similarly I despise Chris Evans and Steve Wright on Radio 2. They are equally banal, equally false and irritating, loving the sound of their own smarmy voices. Ever heard "Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs" on a Sunday morning? This is sugar-coated yukky nonsense with moronic listeners pledging their love over the airwaves while Steve pretends to care. It might go something like this with romantic violin music playing in the background:-

STEVE WRIGHT ....And here's a message from Reginald in Cleckheaton "Dear Steve, I have lived with my wife Ethel for thirty eight years. We first met when she was a bus conductress in nearby Leeds. When she punched my ticket, I looked into her big brown eyes and fell in love. Yes it was love at first sight. Please play anything by Cliff Richard and tell her that I love her very much and she is still punching my ticket." So specially for you Reginald, here's Cliff. Enjoy...
(Plays "Living Doll" while Wrighty stuffs his face with a bacon sarnie.)
STEVE WRIGHT.... Kylie from Northampton phoned in.
KYLIE (Phone recording) "Hi Steve! Just wanted you to tell my boyfriend Reidski in New Cross that I had a lovely weekend and I love him loads! Bye Steve!"

Why anyone would feel the need to express their romantic leanings and personal affections over the radio is as mysterious to me as why the United Nations haven't invaded Zimbabwe to oust cruel and crazy dictator Robert Mugabe. They could always give him a slot on Radio 2. I'd rather listen to him at teatime than the comeback four-eyed twerp who is Chris Evans... or maybe "Sunday Love Songs with Robert Mugabe"? See you Wrighty!


  1. I KNEW there was a reason why Ileft the UK, Why oh why are those 2 talentless nobodies still on the radio ?? Sunday with Mugabe as he plays " My favourite beatings "...interesting.

  2. Oh 'eck! I've just phoned in to Steve Wright to ask him to play 'Those boots were made for walking' just for you!
    My tip - stick to Radio 4. Local radio is always boring, Radio 5 is full of boring sport. An alternative to Radio 4 is Radio 3 - very soothing when you're marking hundreds of English essays. ;)

  3. DAVID - You mean thet have talented somebodies on NZ radio? Can't see it myself? "And here's the latest sheep news from David Newkiwi... In Christchurch a farmer has become engaged to his favourite sheep - a San Marino called Elsie... In Wellington..."
    JENNYTA "These Boots Were Made For Walking...they're gonna walk right over you!" Be warned Francophile! Whatdo you mean "marking hundreds of English essays"? These days half a dozen red ticks randomly scattered is sufficient and I can get through thirty in five minutes. You need to write something at the end like "Good", "Crap" or "Those bloody primary school teachers have a lot to answer for!"

  4. What tha doing listening to tripe in the first place? Stick to the Home Service...

  5. Anonymous3:43 pm

    funny i generally like my radio. It is mostly news of what is happening in my city both good and bad. These days it seems mostly the bad but generally it seems quite decent.

  6. In these days of internet radio you don't need to listen to the likes of Steve Wright any more. At the risk of sounding like the Python Yorkshiremen, when I were a lad we had a choice of Radio Leeds, Pennine Radio and the BBC (and perhaps Luxembourg at night). Now the world's your oyster. Not to mention podcasts. I listen to my favourite bits of the beeb the next day.

  7. Keep tuned to Radio 4 YP!

  8. I'd listen to the Python Yorkshiremen if they were broadcasting....

  9. ah yes, irritating DJs. I'm not old enough to listen to radio two, what with still having a pulse and remembering what my own name is and everything but I could give a few examples, not least the canadian calling himself 'Moose' who does weekend afternoons on Century here in the NE. I think we should bring over some canadian wolves and hungry polar bears to keep him company in the studio.

  10. Nah Mr Pudding your right NZ radio is so bad I simply do not listen to it at all.

  11. Anonymous4:55 pm

    BBC Radio Sheffield in the mornings? Pah! I raise you: BBC Radio York. The toe-curling breakfast show, which is on while I'm driving to work, fills the air with DJs' guffaws and lame dad jokes, and has me banging my head on the steering wheel every time.


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