4 October 2008


They answered and said unto him, Art thou also of Galilee? Search, and see that out of Galilee ariseth no prophet. - John 7:52

7:52. No. Not seven days a week fifty two weeks of the year but 7:52 am. 7:52 in the morning. It's like Groundhog Day for me. This is nearly always the time I see on the dashboard of our Vauxhall Astra as I head off for work. I never get up early enough. It's always a mad rush for I was born a night owl. The morning will always look after itself.

I wait till the last possible minute to launch myself out of bed. Into the shower. Speed shower with all-in-one shampoo/conditioner to save time. Shaving gel applied in shower. Swift shave. Out. Brush teeth. Shit. Towel dry hair. Comb it. Race back to bedroom.

Underpants. Socks. Clean shirt. Tie. Trousers. Shoes on. Remember to tie them. Race downstairs. Shirley's made me a mug of tea and there's a slice of toast in the toaster. Dip bowl in sack of birdseed. Out up the garden to the bird table. Back in. Butter toast. Gulp tea.

Jacket on. Grab sandwiches and keys. Kiss goodbye while Terry Wogan jests idly with his listeners in the background. Out to the car. Yes! 7:52. I can make it.

Now the race is on to make Shore Lane by the eight o'clock pips on the radio. Shore Lane is a rat run - a little lane that sweeps past the Masonic Hall and up over Crookes, crossing Manchester Road. Yes! 8:00. I can make it!

The Masonic Hall, Tapton.
...One day, I will wake with the dawn. Shower leisurely, dress and amble downstairs to make bacon and eggs. Sipping my third cup of tea, I will peruse interesting news stories in "The Guardian" before loitering out to the car, arriving at work at what time? Why - perhaps 7:52!


  1. I did a search, and you are right, I couldn't find any reference to any prophet in Galilee. But lots of other interesting stuff. Oranges grow well there as it has a relatively high rainfall. And of course a while back, Jesus lived there for at least thirty years. And some time before that, Solomon gave Hiram a nice little Galiliean upland plain, for services rendered. Ain't Gooogle wonderful?
    Fun post.

  2. Maybe it's just me, but when the Lord said through the prophet Isaiah (in Isaiah 43:19), "Behold, I will do a new thing..." the new thing could have included bringing forth a prophet out of Galilee. Of course, Jesus wasn't "from Galilee" (although he grew up in Nazareth -- "Can anything good come out of Nazareth?"), he was born in Bethlehem because of that darned tax rule wherein Joseph and a very pregnant Mary had to travel there to register. And the prophet Micah said (in Micah 5:2), "But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting." Strange, isn't it?

    Usually when we are confused over what the Bible says, it's because we haven't really bothered to find out what the Bible says.

  3. Anonymous4:47 pm

    AAAhhh...No!!! you have to shower after the bowel movement!!

  4. Terry wogan ? Surely not....

  5. One morning, you will eat the bowl of birdseed and throw the toast to the birds. :)

  6. Oh dear, and there was me with my tongue in my cheek...

  7. ...and I agree with Deirdre, most emphatically!

  8. Please don't connect those two last comments YP she implores.

  9. that is a pipe dream indeed YP - 'interesting stories'? in the guardian? whatever crazy dreams will you have next?

  10. Exactly like my mornings...I am usually out of bed around 5:30 in the morning, and I could easily be on the road by 6:15 or so, but for some reason, I tend to leave closer to 8 o'clock. I am a slow starter...I need three or four cups of joe before even thinking about getting into the shower...


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