18 February 2010


From Peru to You...
Wanna be snug but stylish? The fashion hit of the moment with bloggers all over the world is the Peruvian Alpaca Herder's Hat. You'll be square if you're seen out and about without one! This stylish head garment comes in a range of designs - all hand-woven in the foothills of the Andes. The Peruvian Alpaca Herder's hat has already been a massive hit with a range of celebrities and fashion trendsetters but in the blogging community it is fast becoming an essential fashion accessory. Here's what a selection of leading bloggers said:-

"I can only blog when I 'm wearing my Peruvian hat. It seems to give me inspiration. Mine is beige with white stripes and has some stylised alpacas on the earflaps. There's also a big beige bobble on the top" - Daphne "My Dad's A Communist"

"Here in Georgia, all eyes look my way when I walk into the local Wendy's or Denny's wearing my Peruvian mountain hat. Other customers smile broadly when they see me. The pink, green and chocolate stripes are exquisite and when it's cold I simply tie the earflaps under my chin." - Robert "Rhymes With Plague"
"I dispute that these hats are Peruvian at all. I always thought they were from Wales. I was wearing mine long before Peru was even invented. It's in Welsh colours with a big green dragon on the back and a knitted yellow daffodil in place of a bobble." - Jenny "Demob Happy Teacher"

"Up here on Westray in the Orkney Isles, I have two Peruvian Alpaca Herder's hats. There's the bristly pink pig-coloured one I wear when mucking out my pigs and there's the old gold and black one I wear for special nights out with the missus. She overknitted the word WOLV across the rim. There wasn't enough room for the "E" and "S" ". - Malc "The Edge of Nowhere"

So what are you waiting for? To purchase your own unique Peruvian Alpaca Herder's hat send a cheque for £17.50 to Yorkshire Pudding Enterprises Ltd. Remember to state your preferred colours and ask for a special 2% bloggers' online discount!*
Legendary blogger Brad the Gorilla
*you can ask but you won't get it.


  1. Sorry, YP but I wouldn't be seen dead in one! ;) (Keith might, though.)

  2. How did you know that pink, green, and chocolate were my school colors?, I mean ???

    That is not Brad the Gorilla. That is the guy in Birmingham, Alabama, who has fallen in love with your daughter.

  3. Hmmm...must get one of these for ultimate inspiration!! But, where's the photo of you, resplendant in yours? Presumably it has a row of yorkshirs puds knitted into the pattern?

  4. JENNY You and Paddy could have matching Peruvian hats. You would take the Wrexham fashion world by storm.
    RHYMES You're scaring me - not just with your many question marks but with the nasty little seeds you have just sown in my mind about my daughter's romantic welfare. Do all Alabaman young men look like that? I can't see a banjo.
    ELIZABETH SHARP-FORK Eh? It's obvious that the middle photo of the three is yours truly. I was posing for "Nuts" magazine - an official publication from The National Union of Teachers. Given your upper-crust pedigree may I suggest a subtle claret and aubergine number? I can have one of my highly paid Peruvian peasant women knit it this weekend.

  5. I am pleased, though unsurprised, that you have quoted me. Leeds doesn't have many style icons, and it's clear to many that I am becoming one. You don't, however, mention that jeans, T-shirt and a faded pair of red Crocs are essential to complete the look. If anyone would like any fashion advice, I'd be happy to help.

  6. Daphne! Become my fashion guru!

  7. In 'Nam it's the hill tribes that wear these, don't you know...

    Those and the stupid travellers...

  8. Ah, I have glanced at that particular publication - it must have been simply that I didn't recognise you from an unfamiliar angle! I can see that you have discerned my tastes well ... would your peasant woman be able to muster up a discreet, gold filigree monogram on each ear-flap,too? x

  9. Too late, YP. I have one already - essential to have a mass of toasty headgear when out and about on the farm - I have been known to wear two hats at a time. Also 2 pairs of trousers, three pairs of socks, several fleeces, etc etc. Haven't tried 2 pairs of wellies yet....


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