25 July 2010


After our holiday in the south west of England I submitted several photos to the laudable Geograph project. Every week there's a competition to find the best Geograph picture of the week. Yet again I had another photo in the top fifty out of some 6826 submitted. The judge singled it out for special mention - praising the colours and reflective elements.

Here it is:-
It's of King Harry's Ferry. For hundreds of years a ferry has crossed the River Fal at this very point, taking people and their vehicles to and from the Roseland Peninsula, saving a round trip of over twenty miles. The name of the ferry may possibly relate to King Henry the Eighth who - it is believed - honeymooned with Anne Boleyn in nearby St Mawes. Other investigators think the ferry is more likely named after Henry the Sixth.

The River Fal is very deep at this point and I noticed several ocean going ships laid up even higher up the river. The Fal boasts an exceptionally good natural harbour and historically played an important part in England's development as a major maritime force.


  1. Elizabeth7:59 am

    Congratulations on your success, YP. It is a beautiful picture. xx

  2. Great photo! Did you explore the Rosrland Pen. It is lovely isn't i? All those pretty little fishing villages along the coast and the fantastic church and old graveyard that tumbles down the hill to the water. Delightful!

  3. ELIZABETH Thanks
    HELSIE Thanks to you too my cuddly koala! Yes we did visit the Roseland Peninsula and enjoyed a lovely six mile coastal walk followed by a drink in the pub in Porscatho. It was great to see a few unspoilt beaches there.

  4. That's a great picture.

  5. Lovely photo! Sorry to hear you've been in hospital - I've been away for a few days and seem to have missed a lot going on!

  6. MICHAEL That means something coming from a photography guru. Thanks.
    DAPHNE Thanks for your praise and sympathy. I live to blog again.

  7. Elizabeth7:18 am

    I can never fathom out how to leave comments on Michael's fantastic blog but visit it often and if he says your photos good, then that is a mark of its true worthiness... consider his praise a second accolade. Well done, again. xx


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