7 July 2010


John Speed's map of Cornwall 1676
Shirley's never been to Cornwall before. For alien visitors, let me tell you it is in the far south west of England and once had its own language and distinct culture. It's a very popular holiday region but I am so glad that we are going before the school holiday period begins. If I find an opportunity to blog during the next ten days I will do so, otherwise we will be home on Saturday July 17th. Below - a photo my late father took of Pentewan Sands, Cornwall in 1958:-


  1. Have a lovely trip you two! Bring me back a stick of rock.

  2. Elizabeth9:02 am

    Have a fantastic time, eat pasties to your hearts' content and both of you enjoy the lovely Cornish scenery.x

  3. I hope you both have a lovely holiday and the rest and relaxation you both deserve.

  4. Hi hopped over from Allthatcomeswithit. Hope you don't mind.
    I lived in Cornwall for a couple of years. You'll be a grockle meeting the Janners then.
    Have a lovely time.

  5. I cannot wait to visit the place agin, thanks for reminding me that it is a trip I have to make.
    Have fun you two


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