26 July 2010


Apologies for this self-indulgence. Five more holiday snaps:-
St Ives Harbour at low tide
At Dartmouth
The Eden Project
Porscatho harbour
At Land's End - First and Last House in England


  1. I really like the Land's End shot -- the soft light on the pots, the raindrops on the window panes and the clearing sky. Most evocative of an English summer.

  2. You can self-indulge any time you like (within reason, of course). But please tell us more about the Eden project!

  3. These photos create such a lovely atmosphere of peace and tranquillity, YP.

  4. No apologies necessary...and lovely photos.

  5. What's the Eden Project? Looks like it would be great fun to jump on that bubble wrap.

  6. Elizabeth1:06 pm

    Now who's apologising unnecessarily? I love that windowsill full of Cornish ware. xx


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