13 July 2010


I'm in the public library in Falmouth. We've had four great days so far. First night - stayed in the village of Wadeford, Somerset - in "The Haymaker Inn" and went for an early evening walk through summery lanes and rolling hillsides to Combe St Nicholas and back. Second day we sayed with an old teaching colleague who has retired to Kingswear in Devon. He took us - with his wife Jan - on a boat ride up the Dart River to Tugenhay. A real treat.

Third day we arrived in Feoch, Cornwall. Dinner then a couple of pints in "The Punchbowl and Ladle" before - on Sunday - a gorgeous walk around the Roseland Peninsula. Fourth day - the amazing Eden Project which is now ten years old so many of the plants have grown to maturity. The Rainforest Biome was quite incredible but we also loved the quirky vegetable plot which gives visitors so many little ideas for their own vegetable gardens. What a wonderful venture The Eden Project is - to have had the vision and to have seen it through.
The weather is turning a little iffy with some grey clouds thickening so that's why we're in Falmouth today. I doubt I will get another chance to blog before the weekend. Think of this as a seaside postcard. Wish you were here.
Love - Mr Pudding (Yorkshire).


  1. Dear YP and Shirley, Lovely to get your postcard. Frosty nights here, but great to hear you went to Eden. We loved it too! Safe journey home. X Katherine.

  2. Elizabeth10:27 pm

    Dear YP and Shirley,

    Got your postcard.So pleased to hear that you're having such a lovely time.

    Constant rain back here in Yorkshire and we've had to turn out the woolies again.We wish we were there,too!

    Enjoy the rest of your stay and come back home to us all safely.

    Love to you both,

    Elizabeth. x

  3. Wish I was there-

    will have to put up with Falmouth, Jamaica instead...


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