6 October 2013


Over in the Welsh metropolis of Trelawnyd, their dwells a jovial blogging fellow named John Gray. I always call him Earl - after the famous tea. You have probably been to his place and read about his menagerie, his community and his endless ravenous consumption of scotch eggs amongst other things. Now I am pretty confident that I am the only person in the world with the name that I bear behind my Yorkshire Pudding pseudonym but John Gray? Well it seems there are hundreds of them.

First of all there's the American writer who wrote "Men Are From Mars - Women are from Venus" and next to him - on the right, the English philosopher John Gray:-
Both have been extremely successful in the field of publishing but there are plenty of other John Grays who have lived less noticeable lives, including this one who attended Hull Art College in the nineteen seventies and next him yet another John Gray - an "elder" at Sycamore Creek Church in Ohio, USA:-
Suspect John Gray of Eugene, Oregon 6107
The John Gray on the right was arrested in Oregon and bears a striking resemblance to our John Gray but this one is an n'er-do-well criminal with a string of convictions behind him related to drugs, violence and the possession of weapons:-

The John Gray above left is the head of Melton Mowbray Police in Leicestershire and the fat John Gray below is a well-known New Zealand conman - also very partial to scotch eggs:-
Our John Gray - The Earl
JOHN GRAY: Led two Melbourne truckies up the garden path.
Once you start rooting around, you realise that the English speaking world really is full of John Grays. They are everywhere! Perhaps they should form a society and meet each year at Trelawnyd. Failing that, maybe the rest of us could club together and purchase a Hebridean island to be colonised by John Grays. In fact, it could even be renamed John Gray Island. Lord knows how they would get on together but one things for sure - none of them would be as pleasant as our John Gray.


  1. Our John Gray for Prime Minister, with Winnie as Chancellor; at the very least they would make a far better job, than the shower of politicians we have to choose from at present.


    1. ...And you would be the new Minister of Sport Lettice - given your lifelong interest in football and rugby league.

  2. Yorky, please forgive me or pardon me at least ~ I found myself calling the Earl just that the other day on his blog, and then only realized after that it was your term of endearment for him. BTW, do you need something to do or something? Some marking for me perhaps? You have far too much spare time on your hands if you can research John Grays around the world. Go back to the classroom ~ your talent is wasted on us plebs :) luv ya x

    1. Ha! Ha! I see your point Carol but I nave had my fill of teaching or anything to do with teaching - such as marking exam papers.. Send me your surname and I will find your namesakes too! I am guessing Carol D. B. Platypus?

  3. What a witty article!

  4. You crack me up. U daft sod
    Have we not all googled our own name?
    I am always disappointed with mine..... Especially the fat bastard con man!
    You do make me Larf YP

  5. Ps.... If I wrote a sex advice book
    It would be titled


    1. Earl - are you sure you have picked the right planet for your book title?


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