12 May 2024


I realise that not everybody who visits this blog has a blog of their own. Some, like Coppa's Girl for example, are just readers of blogs which is fine and dandy. However, these visitors may not be aware that when creating a "new post" bloggers have the option to press on the "Insert special characters" button which is like a human face emoji. It leads to dozens of possible symbols we can insert into our text. But what do they  represent? For this quiz you have to suggest what each of the following ten symbols or special characters mean. 

1. 🎆 
2. 👵 
3. 🎦 
4. 🍣 (Clue: Japanese)
5. ♒ (Clue: astrological sign)
6. 👙
7. 🎪 
8. 🌀 
9. 📅 
10. ⛲
This time, because your friendly quizmaster is away, the answers are given at the end of the big empty space that follows.

1. fireworks
2, older woman
3. cinema
4. sushi
5. Aquarius
6. bikini
7. circus tent or big top
8. cyclone or hurricane
9. calendar
10. fountain


  1. Arrrghhh! My score shall go to the grave with me.

  2. 8 out of 10 for me this time. I didn't know the fireworks one or the hurricane. For #5 I answered movie/video, so that counts as correct, right?

  3. I didn't know #1 and 8, and can't really see how #1 is supposed to be fireworks - it looks far too symmetrical for that. (I get the idea, though.)

  4. As you are away on holiday, and have scheduled this quiz in advance, here are my answers which I also scheduled in advance. Answers scheduled on Friday 10th May.
    1. Goole, 2. Rawcliffe, 3. Snaith, 4. Hensall, 5. Whitley Bridge, 6. Knottingley, 7. Pontefract Monkhill, 8. Castleford Cutsyke, 9. Woodlesford, 10. Leeds.

  5. 2/10. I am not good with emojis.

  6. Well, I might have gotten 7 right. I said "grandma" instead of older woman and "movie" instead of cinema but I am counting them! :)

  7. I only got two, the two you gave hints on. I was close on number 10. I said bidet which technically has a fountain incorporated into it.

  8. 7/10 today - thanks for taking time to set us a quiz; I enjoy them.

    Big Empty Space - lol!

  9. OK, I got most of these, though I was stretching a bit with a few of them. I thought the bikini might have meant "Summer," for example, rather than just "bikini." I'm surprised I knew the astrological symbol for "Aquarius"!

  10. I've been blogging for 15 years and never noticed the possibility to use emojis in blogposts. If there had been a button for using them in the comment box as well, I might for example have reduced this comment to: 👵+ 🌀= ?! (old woman blown away by new discovery) (If that just worked anyway, it's because I copied them from above.) - I did recognise all except No 5. Can't say that also means I'd know when or how one is meant to use them all, though!

  11. Oh dear - 5/10. I must get out more - I thought no 1 was a new design of the EU flag and 9 was a calculator!

  12. The only one I missed was Aquarius and that's because I saw water and thought fish.... so I said Pisces. I enjoy using emojis. 😃


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