16 March 2012


This is the very first test picture I snapped with the aid of Cyclops. Regular, mentally stable visitors to this humble Yorkshire blog will recall that we live on an inner city sheep farm. Here's our flock - well just two animals. Beau - that's mum and Peep - that's the Christmas born  lamb. They keep the grass down and scare off local cats. One day I hope they'll provide me with enough wool to knit a wardrobe of  new winter underwear. Regarding the quality of the picture - well the green is truly green but to be truthful, I could have achieved the same sort of result with my trusty Hewlett Packard 945 that has travelled with me for thousands of miles over the last seven years.

My blogging adversary or colleague Professor Rhodes of "Shooting Parrots" recently posed the question of what is a blog actually for. Like him, I will frequenly use the medium  to mark events in the passing of my life so that later I'll be able to look back - just like handwritten diaries of yesteryear. The fact that this blog has attracted external "visitors" like yourself sometimes just seems like a nice bonus. Acquiring a new camera isn't something that happens very often in one's life so that's why I have felt a need to mark this moment.

This test picture in a local park begins to reveal some of the new camera's extra potential. Unfortunately, the amazing daffodil embankment nearby is still not fully stirred from its winter slumbers. Give it another couple of days and I'll be back:-


  1. pud
    I look forward to the next 6000 test photos!

  2. I have been using a Canon S5 IS for 3 years and love it because it's so portable but still has a lot of extras. I bought a Pentax digital camera last year, though, because it uses all my old Pentax SLR lenses. I used the new camera for about a week, then put it in a drawer. It's heavy, it's slow, and I have to look through the viewfinder. It takes great pictures, but I can't just grab it and go. Also I'm probably lazy. Maybe your new photos will inspire me to do better. Looking forward to your test photos.

  3. Sheep look cute, by inner city farm d'you mean garden?

  4. Speaking of truly green, your bare bum will be shining through the multitudinous holes in your old underwear before Bo and Peep combined provide you with enough wool to knit a wardrobe of new winter underwear. I'm just sayin'.

  5. EARL GRAY That's a lot of cricket matches!
    JAN B Oh dear, I hope I can stick with Cyclops. Even if it ends up mainly being on automatic. Like you, I just want to shoot without too much messing about.
    MUMASU ...Errr (blushing)yes!
    RHYMES WITH BOTTOM I forbid you to even imagine my bare bum! The thought of you sitting at your computer writing about my rear end makes me want to run to the hills!

  6. I've done something similar to Jan... Hardly ever get my big heavy SLR out these days, but my little canon IXUS goes everywhere with me in my handbag.

    I noted the clever way in which you implied that anyone challenging the existence of vital signs of your 'sheep' is mentally unstable. You do have such a wonderful way with words, YP. But someone's definitely pulled the wool over your eyes with regard to the physical composition of those ornaments. Hahahahahahahaha!
    (Goes off singing 'I talk to the sheep, that's why they took me away...')

  7. Like Jan and K I found my DSLR and added lens too big and time consuming so I gave it to my daughter, and just use a point and shoot from my handbag now, but I hope you stick with yours because the photos will be lovely, and you have time to practice.

  8. You can tell the difference. Your new camera is much sharper on the detail.

    And I like the peripheral defocus on the second shot.


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