19 March 2012


Regarding the proud Welsh seaside town of Rhyl, my satirical humour may have got the better of me when I blogged about it on Saturday. I received many abusive comments from offended Rhylians which I had to delete given the many Welsh expletives used and general standards of English exhibited. So I hereby wish to make a heartfelt apology to all of the townsfolk of Rhyl and to the current mayor Councillor Win Mullen-James - pictured above. To redress the balance of my lofty derision, I shall now post a few photos that capture the true essence of this gem of the north Wales coastline in all its glory. I mean, why visit Llandudno, Prestatyn, Colwyn Bay or Bangor when you could choose Rhyl instead?
A view of Water Street                       © Copyright Eirian Evans 
Former church - now computer company
© Copyright  David & Rachel Landin  
The promenade                                       © Copyright Dott Potter
View from the Sky Tower                  © Copyright BrianP
Amusement arcades                     © Copyright Eirian Evans  
Bank Holiday Monday in Rhyl              © Copyright Eirian Evans 
And please remember, as the official town website boasts:-
A fresh new look railway station and bus terminus, at the 
heart of Rhyl's promenade, awaits your arrival. 


  1. EARL GRAY It shall be unrequited as I have now given my heart to Miss Rhyl 1967 - Win Mullen-James. Such a doll!
    JENNY Perhaps you or the Trelawnyd poultry farmer above should defend Rhyl and sing its praises with positiveness to counteract my cheap satire. It's possible when I went there I wasn't looking properly. What's the opposite of rose coloured spectacles?

  2. hummm
    Jennyta may agree with me
    but apart from 2 miles of lovely beaches Rhyl is a real SHIT hole x

  3. Tsk! I missed an opportunity to add my own abusive comments. About Rhyl I mean.

    To be fair about the website, it is obviously one that someone cobbled together during the dot.com boom in the hope of making a fortune, or at least some free samples from the Novelty Rock Emporium.

    The council's website is a bit more professional.

  4. Now listen you lot. I LIKE dull skies sometimes. Here in the Bay of Plenty our skies are so bright they hurt your eyes and you have to wear sunglasses all the time, even when just going out to put the clothes on the line or take the rubbish out.
    Cool, moist rain is so good for the complexion, have you seen all the wrinkled, dried up women in New Zealand?* Compare them to any Rhyl lady, and you'll see what I mean.
    And I LIKE rock... we don't get novelty seaside rock here AT ALL! In fact, I'd love a bit of rock to break my teeth on RIGHT NOW.
    And sorry, but I don't have a problem with computer centres, after all, I wouldn't be writing this and we wouldn't be being so smug about poor little Rhyl without one, yes?
    And have you actually SEEN the new railway station and bus terminus? It's really great, functions well, and is a LOT better than the stupid new bus terminal in Tauranga. And we don't even HAVE a railway station at ALL!
    So, on behalf of my dear friend and pen-pal of many years, Win Mullen-James, I accept your soon-to-be-offered REAL apology.

    * Except me of course. I always wear a wide-brimmed hat outside, with a veil and gloves.

  5. Sadly, I do agree with John. It's nowt like it were when I were a lass, YP!

  6. EARL GRAY & JENNY Perhaps the Rhyl tourist board should employ the pair of you to attract anti-holiday visitors.
    KATHERINE With that defence of Rhyl, you will surely be given the freedom of the town. To receive it you will have to dress in traditional Welsh lady costume which will suit you just fine - especially the chimney stack of a bonnet!


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