20 March 2012


Last week, I had a very painful right foot but by yesterday it was pretty much better so with clement weather promised, it was time to drive over the border into Derbyshire once again for another gorgeous country walk - Walk 17 from my "White Peak" Pathfinder Guide. I parked in the high Pennine town of Tideswell with its noble fourteenth century parish church and its multitude of limestone cottages - once upon a time the homes of quarrymen and lead miners.

The walk was sub-titled  "A Five Dales Walk" and it was six and a quarter miles long. The dales in order were Tansley Dale, Cressbrook Dale, the beautifully named and indeed beautiful Water-cum-Jollydale, Millers Dale and finally Tideswell Dale. Such variety, such views, such history soaked into in the very landscape. Unfortunately, the skies were not always as blue and sunny as the BBC weather forecast had predicted. But I didn't mind. It was just good to be out there again, striding along with camera in hand singing an old Fifth Dimension number:- 
Rhyl, I love you so, I always will
I look at you and see the passion eyes of May
Oh, but am I ever gonna see my wedding day
I was on your side Rhyl when you were losin'
I never scheme or lie Rhyl, there's been no foolin'...
Oh come on Rhyl
Oh come on Rhyl
Marry me Rhyl... 
And so to some pictures from Walk 17:- 
Early lambs at Litton
Ravensdale cottages
Giant water vole in Tideswell Dale
View towards Wardlow Mires


  1. Shouldn't Beau and Peep have been on leads? The farmers will go mad if they start worrying the sheepdogs.

  2. You striding along and singing? I'd have paid to see that. ;)

  3. just been thinking of you,,, watching Edith Sitwell being interviewed on the BBC
    lovely photos

  4. Sorry you had a sore foot YP. Gout?

    I love the way you just have to look at sheep and they all line up for you.

    You must be getting very fit with all this walking hither and thither. You and John are an inspiration to me. I must eat better and get out more, myself.

  5. SHOOTIE You seem to have confused the creatures I saw in Litton with the thoroughbreds in our garden.
    JENNY You might have paid but you'd be running to keep up with me!
    EARL G I look nothing like Edith Sitwell! Time for another appointment at Specsavers methinks...in Rhyl!
    KATHERINE I don't like to admit it but I rather think it was an attack of gout - not in a big toe but in the metatarsals of the smallest toes of my right foot. It was frustrating last week as I couldn't do a lot and was limping hither and thither. I just hope that many weeks pass before I suffer another attack.

  6. Even though Hither and Thither are currently a struggle for you, there is always Yon.


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