15 May 2008


From Boothferry to Wembley
We'll keep the Hull flag flying high!

Elton John! Johnny Barnes! Joy Batchelor! Graham Taylor! Michael Bentine! Luther Blissett! We gave your lads a helluva beating!

May 14th 2008 - Hull City 4 Watford 1 - and we are on our way to Wembley for the first time in our rather unremarkable history. Victory at Wembley will take us to the top flight for the very first time and if we get there, when we get there, it will for me be the fulfilment of a boyhood dream - one that I never really expected to come true.

For I have travelled countless miles to support The Tigers - shivered at Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Belle Vue in Doncaster, got pissed on as I pissed in the stinking nineteenth century urinals at Chesterfield, witnessed so many false dawns as our team hovered up and down in the lower leagues. From Shrewsbury to Huddersfield and from Wimbledon to Port Vale I suffered, gristle pie after polystyrene Bovril, from Stoke to Derby, Tottenham to York City, Bournemouth, Peterborough, Ayresome Park, Burnden Park, Bradford City, Leeds, Bramall Lane, Hillsborough, Rotherham's canyon of death, Spotland in Rochdale and once in the "theatre of dreams"where they only opened one turnstile to ensure we missed the first ten minutes of a match in which United crushed us 5-0. The real footballing world has been my oyster for forty five years - no jet black Porsches or silver Mercedes, no exotically named French Africans or Serbs, just The Tigers rising and falling like the sea as the years passed and hope of reaching the promised land seemed to disappear like boats in the grey Humber rain.

All that lies between us and paradise now is Bristol and our fear. Please wish us well. I will be there at Wembley in my tiger stripe underpants, roaring the lads on. Who are ye? Who are ye? We are Ull! We are Ull! We are Ull! It's only football but if feels like life itself.


  1. Thought of you last night! What a result.

  2. Congratulations! (gosh YP are you 45? You don't look at day over 44!)

  3. Nearly as good as Wrexham then!
    You're not only 45 are you???Still a babe in arms then!
    Good luck, if it makes you happy. :)

  4. As I saw the news splashing happily across my telly.... believe it or not, I turned to my girl and said....

    "that bloody Yorkshire Pudding will be well capped!!"


  5. Yo Katherine and Jennyta! I'm actually still eighteen. Always have been and always will be despite what my birth certificate says. And that doesn't say 45 as Jennyta will be able to confirm having had to sit next to my wheezing and decepid old trunk last Saturday.

    Thanks to you all for your good wishes though Foxy, what does being well-capped mean? Is this an obscure Huddersfieldian expression for hysterically happy?

  6. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Good luck Hull, I will be hoping you get promoted. craig

  7. Oh 'eck, YP, you've even got Craig rooting for Hull! And him a fine upstanding born and bred Welshman!
    (I feel it's probably more discreet not to comment on your 'wheezing and decrepit old trunk' though! I'll just invite readers to use their imagination. ;))

  8. Anonymous11:36 pm

    C'mon the Tigers!


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