4 October 2008


Where is the boy
With the hand-me-down jumper
He of the scuffed knees
And the curled up collar
Hiding his hands in his pockets
Like a TV cowboy at his holsters -
Ready for what?

The sit-me-down world
Of the old school room.
Copperplate copying
And chanted tables
At old school tables
That witnessed
So many country childhoods
Passing by...

I see me now
In those photographs
Of long ago
Snapped by my father
Long deceased
He'd be pleased to see
With a happy face that
I made it this far at least


  1. Soooo sweet! And you haven't changed a bit! ;)

  2. WON-derful poem!! You were an adorable little guy and I agree, you haven't changed all that much.

  3. I see your children ... and your children's children... What an independent look you have in your eyes even then.

  4. Anonymous10:36 pm

    you are blessed...and thankfully you know that.... and so you're not smug...and I can't believe I speak so intimately to a stranger through the medium of t'internet...ain't it a wonderful thing.....

  5. ok, everybody here looking at YP's childhood photos, you've just been busted by the internet porno police.
    Inspector Clewley of the yard

  6. Thanks for sharing the pictures and posting your poem. I really like black and white photos-- something about all of the shadows cannot help but invoke poetry.

  7. Great photos. Shades of "Just William" in both of them. Where are your "Outlaw" pals? Will Shirley be unveiled as Violet Elizabeth Bott? The mystery continues...


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