10 November 2009


Such a long flight from Santiago to Madrid with Iberia. No individual entertainment screens and once again I was berated by a stewardess for daring to look out of the window...I mean why do they think many people prefer window seats? This time the issue was the crappy Harry Potter film being shown on the central drop down monitors. Daylight coming in would spoil the viewing. I looked around but nobody seemed to be watching it anyway. Harry sodding Potter! Again I ignored instructions and looked down upon the rainforest of Brazil.

Frustratingly, when we touched down at Heathrow - pretty much on time, the plane had to sit on the tarmac for over forty five minutes waiting for a parking space at Terminal 3. Because of this I missed my 11.30 National Express bus connection back to Sheffield by no more than three minutes. Had to then wait till two in the afternoon.

So good to see Shirley again after almost three weeks apart but it's cold here and today has seemed amazingly short. Half of me is still over there in South America but I have to pinch myself to believe that I have really visited "the navel of the world" and touched the rough volcanic texture of a moai's face. Here are five pictures I took on the island...
The crater at Rano Kau looking towards Orongo.

Birdman petroglyph on the cliffs of Orongo

Horses grazing near the great "ahu" at Anakena

Finished moai at the Rano Raraku "factory" - they never reached their "ahus"

The lovely Hotel Tiare Pacific where I stayed.


  1. Frances11:32 pm

    Dad, your adventure looks like it has been incredible. I'm so glad that you finally went to Easter Island after hoping to for so long.
    Clearly, it didn't disappoint and sitting in this library in Alabama you've made me rather jealous! Maybe you can send me there next? Yes?!

  2. Welcome home! I enjoyed reading about your trip.

  3. Welcome home. Glad you had a great time. Have a rest and get back out there again soon.

    I will follow your model and continue to flout the odd in-flight regulations on the way back to Blighty in December.

  4. FRANCES Maybe not! Work for thirty two years. Raise a couple of "piggy bank" kids. Pay off your mortgage and in your case - student debt - and then if you have survived all of that spread your wings and fly.
    FARIDA Thanks for dropping by and I'm pleased you read my little accounts. I'm sure there will be more to follow.
    BB KING Yes. By all means flout in-flight regulations but I would suggest no semtex in your hand luggage and the miniature loos are not an invitaion to join the mile high club!

  5. I am also sitting in Alabama as I write this (visiting my daughter's family) -- and even in the same county, no more than 1/2 hour away. What a coincidence!

    I have been holding my breath (and passing out from time to time) waiting for you to return and show us your photographs of Rapa Nui. It was worth the wait. I hope you are far from finished. Well done!

  6. My favourite photo's the one of what look to be ordinary horses in an ordinary field - - until you look at the statues in the background. Welcome home - more photos please!

  7. Awesome. I'm glad you made the trip! I have a sort of bucket list, and I'm not getting any younger - you are an inspiration to middle aged men the world over.


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