11 November 2009


I would guess that many thousands of photographs have been taken of Easter Island sunsets with the silhouettes of moai in the foreground. Equally, Chile itself invites many photographs of sunsets as it has such a huge west-facing coastline.

Sunset is a special time - the dying of another day in unpredictable light patterns. Surely no two sunsets have ever been the same and the appearance of a sunset can change significantly from one moment to the next. I think of past times when people who were never bedazzled by cinema or television would surely have stood in awe appreciating the strange beauty of a sunset that would have put their own humdrum lives into some kind of a celestial perspective before the darkest shadows of nighttime enveloped them.

Even today in our frantic, accessorised world of images and satellite communication, people will often sit or stand quietly observing sunset patterns - the sunbeams, a colourwash of clouds in amber, lemon, scarlet, mauve and grey-blue, a swirl of clouds, birds flying home to roost. It's something fundamental that connects us with those who have gone before. So let me share these six sunset photos with you. The last two were from the terraces of the Universitad Catolica football ground in Santiago:-


  1. Beautiful sunsets Mr Pudding. The interplay between the sun, the clouds, the landscape and the sky never bores. Where I now work on the 10th floor, I have a view to die for. From the Pennines to the left and the Cheshire plains to the right I am constantly transfixed by the quality of light, the sunrises (in Winter), the sunsets (ditto) the shafts of glorious light cutting through.........it's a wonder I get any work done....

  2. Thank you Steve. Knowing that you are becoming a cameraman with impressive artistic vision makes the compliment even more valuable.


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