2 August 2010


Today - August 1st - is a very special day. It's Yorkshire Day! Happy Yorkshire Day everybody! This year, sponsored by the BBC, a wonderful piece of music has been composed, recorded and filmed in celebration of this significant day when Yorkshire people all over the world give thanks for being born in these heavenly broad acres. We pity anyone who is unable to claim Yorkshire roots. The Symphony for Yorkshire was composed by Benjamin Till whose musical vision was eclectic and ground-breaking. There are brass bands, harpists, rock musicians, rappers all woven in and a lyric crafted by Doreen Brigham, a 98 year old Yorkshire lass. Here are Ben and Doreen together and below the picture you will find Doreen's verse:-
Yorkshire in verse

Sing a song of Yorkshire, from the Humber to the Tees
Of horses, wool and terriers, of pudding and of cheese
I know no other county where the land is quite so fine
England’s lovely county. And I’m proud to call it mine

Where shining purple heather stretches far across the moor
And the lapwing’s cry above me takes the place of traffic roar
And peace comes drifting gently, there’s no place I’d rather be
Than this land of hills and valleys, from the Pennines to the sea

So when I’ve done my roaming, and when my step grows slow
When heart and mind assure me that the time has come to go
Then let me rest in Yorkshire, for it’s there I want to lie
‘Neath sun and wind and heather, and a gleaming Yorkshire sky

Below, final film sequence shot at Hunter House Road, Sheffield - ten minutes walk from this keyboard:-


  1. I have to agree, Yorkshire is truely a terrific place.

  2. I'm still smiling at being pitied for not having Yorkshire roots. It's a lovely song, though.

  3. HELEN HELSIE Do I detect a bit of Yorkshire pudding in you?
    KATHERINE Judging from your artistic talents and worldly common sense, I am very confident that if you traced your ancestry back far enough you would find a Yorkshire link.

  4. Elizabeth10:04 am

    Now, sithee, lad, this is what I call a champion post. Summat sensible. Ah can't be doing wi them there bug things.Tha can't beat a bit o' Yorkshire clout. Wishin' thoo a reet grand day, Lord Pud. Clogs'll be sparkin' on t' cobbles ti day and no mistak. Don't thoo go gettin' khalied,mind; remember thoo's been badly and think on, if tha dus owt wrong tha'll be on t' Scarborough warning wit missus and then thoo'll 'ave ti stand up in' t'ash nook with 'top 'at on and, like as not, missus'll tek thoo down't ginnel an' gi thi a threp in t'
    steans for thi trouble. There's nowt like a Yorkshire do for putting folk in fine fettle and thoo's one o' t' grandest lads in t' northern union.
    Me? I'm running on barm cakes and I'll be swilling' t' flags, as usual. xx

  5. ELIZABETH Eee t'owd lass, tha talks mah langwidge. Nah then, as tha got thee rollers in wi them sexy crumpled owd stockins lahk Nora Batty? Mek me go reeght Roseberry Toppin tha knows! Eee, ang on lass would thee lahk a nice bit o Yorkshire pudding t'celebrate Yorkshire Day?

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing 'Rhymes with Plague's response to this! ;)
    I did see a clip of the film on TV the other day and it looked very impressive. I have to agree you do have a few good things over there, my daughter to name one! Can't beat the good old Welsh countryside though. :)

  7. Today's reading from the New Testament for me is Romans 12:15, "Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep."

    Today's reading from the New Testament for you is Romans 12:16, "Be of the same mind one toward another. Mind not high things, but condescend to men of low estate. Be not wise in your own conceits."

    I do wish you a Happy Yorkshire Day!

  8. Elizabeth10:40 pm

    Aye, lad, thoo's a reet goewd soort n' ah'll be ower as seean as ah've getten mi slops and best pinny on. Ah'll leerk a reet bobby dazzler fe thi. I 'ope thoos mekkin n' effort n' gettin thi galluses on fe me. Put tee on ti mash n' wi'll ev a reet blether ower a that puddin n' a bit o' cheese. xx

  9. Happy Yorkshire Day! Who knows, depending upon the travel arrangements, in two years I can celebrate Yorkshire Day sitting in your garden while sampling a local beer. It's a wishful dream, at least.

  10. JENNY Regarding the wonderland of Yorkshire, I notice a glimmer of acceptance in your comment. I agree that the Welsh countryside is quite nice - especially on those few days a year when it's not raining in Wales.
    RHYMES Thanks for the biblical reference. I shall indeed condescend to men of low estate. In fact I'm doing it right now.
    ELIZABETH You seem to have found your natural tongue. Why not write in Yorkshireish whenever you blog?
    SAINT FARIDA I shall be honoured to meet up with you if you do come over in a couple of years time. Perhaps I could set up a story-telling session for you at our local library.

  11. No YP, no Yorkshire blood, but we spent a week in Askrigg a couple of years ago and I'm hooked forever. I think the Dales are the lovliest area in England ( and THAT'S saying something!!)

  12. You stopped reading one sentence too soon.

  13. I missed Yorkshire Day! I loved my few months in school at Ripon/York St. John and one day, will have to journey back to the area. Much thanks for the link to the song, YP.

  14. I had to Google to remind myself of the quote: "Never ask a man if he is from Yorkshire. If he is he will tell you, if he does not why embarrass him"

    Typical bloody White Rose propaganda, of course. Whoever said it was talking proper for a start. Not a 'thee' in sight.


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