21 August 2010


Kate Rusby was born in Sheffield in 1973 - a true Yorkshire lass. Her singing voice proudly reflects her Yorkshire heritage. This YouTube clip shows her unaccompanied but in concert. The song is followed by some banter which I wouldn't have minded editing out. Her folk repertoire is wide and she has been a leading figure in our country's folk revival. She married in June of this year following the birth of her first child last autumn. To overseas visitors - "half a crown" was one of our pre-decimal coins. The clip made me chuckle so I hope you also enjoy it:-


  1. I sort of knew Kate Rusby growing up. In that my Dad knew her dad. I recollect watching Saturday morning TV round at her house when I was about 11 and she was there (she's about 3 years older than me so I doubt we had any meaningful interaction).

    My Dad later designed her first website (back when the internet was young)

  2. I'm sure it's a lovely song and all, or a humorous one, if that's what it's supposed to be, but these American ears couldn't pick up on many of the words, so I really couldn't say. The effect grew even worse when the young lady stopped singing and started talking.

    Sorry -- guess I'll never be a proper Yorkshireman. As long as we keep ourselves to the printed word, I'm okay.

  3. DAN Small world. Do you like her act? I have just booked tickets for her Sheffield City Hall concert in December.
    MR BRAGUE Over here in England we have had to become accustomed to American accents in film and song over several decades so now you know a little of how we might feel about that. Kate's accent is more typical of how Yorkshire folk speak than say David Niven or John Cleese whose accents are stereotypically "English".

  4. I like Kate Rusby -wish she would come to perform in Oz. My other favourite band from your part of the world is Slow Club, also from Sheffield. I saw them when they played as a support act here in Sydney and they completely eclipsed the headline band.


  5. Elizabeth2:19 pm

    Belting, lad. Thank you - I really enjoyed this. I might just book tickets for this, myself. x

  6. Yes I do very much enjoy seeing her, have done four or five times now. I have all the CD's too.

    However I find her "I'm from Yorkshire me!" shtick a little tiring after a while, especially since she is from an extremely middle class part of Yorkshire

  7. DAN Cawthorne I believe? Can't middle class Yorkshire folk be proud of their heritage too? It's not all coalmines, whippets and tripe tha knows lad!

  8. I enjoyed the song, but also the banter at the end. It sounds so happy. Like Mr. Plague I could barely understand a word of it. It would probably take about 5 minutes of it to adjust my ears. Same problem with Australians, it's not the words so much as the intonation and rhythm that is different. I have the same problem, also, with American teenagers until I've listened for a few minutes. I love it, though.


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