15 August 2012


I expect that bloggers around the world will be anxious to join with me in wishing her noble majesty Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, a very happy sixty second birthday. Yes our beloved princess was born this day at Clarence House in London back in 1950. In the picture above our blessed queen is holding our royal princess in the music room at Buckingham Palace which is where Anne was christened in October of that year. Little Prince Charles is looking on mischievously and beside our beloved queen is Queen Mary (not the ocean liner of that name!) and Queen Elizabeth, wife of George VI who of course died so tragically in 1952.

Princess Anne is married to Sir Timothy Lawrence having divorced her first husband - the caddish womaniser Captain Mark Phillips in 1992. They had two children together - Peter and Zara. The latter was a member of Great Britain's equestrian team in the recent Olympics - following in her mother's footsteps for Anne you will certainly remember was a member of the 1976 Olympic team.

A little known fact about Princess Anne is that she is a keen pharologist - having visited all of Scotland's 215 lighthouses. There is no truth in the rumour that she bedded a protesting lighthouse keeper on each visit... This is possibly the most boring blogpost I have ever written so to enliven the ending, here is a recent photograph of the esteemed princess showing off her exquisite and much imitated hairstyle. Lady bloggers (& Arctic Fox!)  - if you're looking for a new hairstyle - this is it! The Recumbent Badger!
Happy Birthday Anne!


  1. Queen Mary looks like an extra from an Ealing comedy.

  2. What can I add ??? I stood quite close to her years ago in Edinburgh. She's very tiny. No comment about the hair!

  3. EARL GRAY Glad you appreciated this royalist post. I knew it would be right up your street.
    SHOOTING PARROTS Why not post a couple of pictures of yourself and then your adoring public will be able to say what you look like!
    HELSIE I don't wish to be personal but I think that Princess Anne's hair-do would look brilliant on you and it would definitely make Tony go weak at the knees. Just a thought.

  4. I danced next to her once many many years ago...at that time her hair was long and she looked young and pretty, whoever persuaded her to keep this hideous hair needs shooting.

  5. Okay, I'm going to show my ignorance of British history: Question: was Queen Mary the grandmother of Queen Elizabeth? If so, they have four generations in that darling photograph.

  6. LIBBY It was either John F. Kennedy, Marin Luther King or John Lennon who urged her to adopt that sleeping badger hairstyle. Why not give it a go Libby? After all, what is life without adventure?
    BARBEE You are right. Queen Mary was married to George V. She died at the age of 86 in March 1953 - so yes there were four generations in that picture. Oh, and thanks for dropping by this blog.

  7. sorry
    I do so like anne you know YP
    in a similar way that I adore The Duke of Edinburgh
    he's a real bad tempered sweetie


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